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    25 Straight-Up Treasures I Found Online That I Refuse To Believe I Do Not Need

    Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat?

    1. A set of wheel lights to turn your bike into a rolling party. Not only will they make cycling at night more fun, but they'll also boost your safety since everybody will be able to see where you're pedaling (no matter how dark it is).

    the lights on a wheel of a bike

    2. A mini mushroom garbage can to keep all of your workday rubbish from cluttering up your desk. It'll look more like decor than a trash receptacle, so nobody will suspect that it's actually full of granola bar wrappers and gum.

    a mushroom trash can on a desk

    3. And a copy of Fungipedia if you've recently become obsessed with all things mushrooms (it me). It's filled with a bunch of fun info and facts about your favourite fungi.

    the front cover of the book against a plain background

    4. A bamboo book stand that'll elevate your iPad or hold your cookbook while you're chopping or stirring. The flexible metal arms will hold the pages open, so you won't lose the next step in your recipe while you're wrist-deep in focaccia dough.

    the book stand in front of a plain background

    5. A bath mat that'll add a cheeky finishing touch to your bathroom. Thanks to the silicone grips on the bottom, you won't slide around when you take your first step out of the shower.

    A person stepping onto the bath mat on a wooden floor

    6. A swear-y guided journal for anybody who wants to be more mindful, without all the frills. It has question prompts you can use while you learn to ~let go~ and not sweat the small stuff.

    the front cover of the journal against a plain background

    7. A solar-powered lantern that'll cast a floral pattern while it's lit up. Pop it in a sunny spot to charge all day, so it can illuminate your outdoor space with a relaxing amber glow at night.

    the lantern lit up at night with the pattern on the ground

    8. A deck of house plant tarot cards you can use to find answers to all of your deepest burning questions. Each card features an illustration of different plant babies and succulents that'll give a totally different vibe to your readings.

    A person holding up the card in front of a stack of cards

    9. A lip stain that'll give your pout a cherry hue that won't fade over the course of your day. It's a water-based formula, meaning it'll absorb quickly, leaving you with a subtle tint that your hair won't get stuck in every time the wind blows.

    A person applying the stain to their lips

    10. A microwaveable popcorn bowl if you love the freshly-made stuff (not from a bag), but hate the lengthy process of making it on the stove. You can even eat your snack right out of the collapsible bowl, meaning you won't have to clean more than one dish when you're done.

    the bowl full of popcorn in front of a microwave

    11. A cheeky vase that'll display your favourite seasonal buds or succulents while showing off your love of tushies. It'll also work as a pencil holder on your desk or as a home for your makeup brushes on your vanity.

    The butt-shaped vase holding some dried flowers in front of a plain background

    12. A stick-on shelf so you can keep all of your bedtime necessities within reach. It's perfect for anyone who sleeps on the top bunk, or to keep all your essentials in if you don’t have the space for a nightstand.

    the cubby on the wall next to a bed

    13. A clear baguette purse to keep all of your stuff contained while adding a fun Y2K vibe to your outfit. Even though it's small, it'll still hold everything you'll need (like your iPhone or Game Boy 😉).

    The purse filled with stuff hanging off of the handlebar of a vespa

    14. A moon lamp that'll make your bedroom look out of this world. It's a realistic model of the actual moon with different brightness levels and two light temperatures, all of which can be controlled by simply tapping the lamp.

    The lamp sitting on a wooden stand on a table

    15. And a golden moon phase banner that'll add some ✨lunar energy🌙 to whatever room you hang it in. The metallic charms will glisten whenever the sun hits them just right.

    The banner hanging over a couch

    16. A milk mug that'll tell everyone exactly which dairy alternative you prefer in your lattes (I'm an oat milk fan, BTW). You can collect the whole set for your almond and soy milk-loving friends to use when they pop by for a coffee. There's even an option for that one person we all know who likes their java black 🥴.

    the set of mugs on a shelf in a kitchen next to an espresso pot

    17. A wet hair brush that'll help you take all of the tangles out of your tresses without causing breakage. It's safe for all hair types (it's even gentle enough for extensions and wigs), and since it's vented, you can use it as a blow dry brush, too.

    A person combing through a child's curly hair with the brush

    18. A set of velvet scrunchies with hidden pockets that'll keep your valuables safe. You can store your keys inside of them while you're on a run or stuff 'em with emergency cash on nights out.

    A velvet scrunchie with a zipper in it on a table on top of an invitaton

    19. A pack of acrylic record shelves so you can display your favourite albums like the works of art that they are. You'll be able to slide records in and out with ease, so you can switch up the arrangement whenever you feel like it.

    The shelves on a wall displaying a selection of Paramore albums

    20. A set of makeup brushes to blend your shadows and highlighters like ~magic~. Each brush has a unique wand-inspired handle that'll add a mystical aesthetic to your makeup routine.

    A person holding up the wand brushes above a table

    21. A vibrating face scraper that'll help get trapped dirt and sebum out of your pores. You'll be left with a totally clean visage and reviewers say it leaves their skin so smooth, it rivals the results of a spa facial.

    May holding the device which has some dirt on it

    22. A Dash mini waffle maker that you can use to tackle all those drool-worthy recipes you've favourited. You can get adventurous with it and press cookie dough, hash browns, or even cheese into waffles when you want to go off-book.

    The waffle maker open revealing a cooked waffle inside

    23. A set of silicone face mask spatulas so you can apply your favourite facial treatment without having to use your fingers. They won't absorb any product, so you'll get to use every last drop.

    The two silicone spatulas in a cup on a table

    24. An Unsolved Case Files game that'll be right up your alley if you're obsessed with everything true crime. Read through all of the documents to piece together the series of (fictional) events and solve the case.

    The files from the game fanned out on a wooden floor

    25. And finally, a set of light-up 3D butterfly wall stickers that are a slightly more adult version of the ones you had in your room as a kid. They have a flashing setting or you can make them cycle through a selection of colours for more of a chill vibe.

    a bunch of the butterfly stickers lit up on the wall

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