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    Just 27 Things That You Seriously Need Before The Summer Ends

    You'll want all of these before the leaves start falling from the trees.

    1. An anti-chafing stick that'll prevent you from getting the dreaded discomfort caused by the combo of heat and friction. It’ll create a soothing barrier wherever your skin tends to rub together, so you’ll stay comfortable throughout the summer.

    someone applying the butter to their inner thigh

    2. A cooling blanket that'll keep you feeling cool 'n' comfy on balmy nights. It's lightweight, making it perfect if you're a frequent night sweater who refuses to sleep without a blanket (it me).

    The blanket on top of a bed

    3. A jumbo watermelon inflatable so you can lounge in absolute comfort on the lake or in the pool. It'll comfortably fit two, so you won't drift away from your bestie and nobody will have to "let go" like Rose and Jack.

    two people sitting on the inflatable in a pool

    4. A bottle of Benefit lip and cheek stain for a weightless pop of colour that won't melt when the temperature rises. It's smudge-proof, meaning you won't have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day to keep it looking fresh.

    The tint on top of a box

    5. A folding stool that'll save your back and knees from aching while you tend to your garden. It even has pockets on the side to keep all of your tools within reach (no need to crouch to pick 'em up).

    A person sitting on the stool while working on their garden

    6. A petite personal air conditioner for anyone who isn't happy unless there's a stream of cold air pointed directly at them 24/7. Its compact size and whisper-quiet motor means you can prop it up on your bedside table on those blistering nights when your sheets are starting to stick to you.

    The air conditioner on a bedside table beside somebody is sleeping

    7. A splash pad for anyone who doesn't have the luxury of a swimming pool in their backyard. The top is made of a non-slip material that'll keep kids from sliding around while they play (and it's durable enough for your pup to enjoy, too).

    A child and a dog running through the splash pad

    8. Or an adult-size inflatable pool if you don't need a deep end and just want something refreshing to chill out in. You can plug your hose directly into it to activate the sprinkler function for added fun.

    the pool with water in it in a backyard

    9. A silicone popsicle mould that'll turn your favourite beverage into a refreshing treat. Chill yogurt, juice, or your signature cocktail into your own icy confections or freeze some water and fruit for an easy kid-friendly treat.

    A bunch of popsicles on a plate next to the moulds with more popsicles inside

    10. And a pack of four of paw-fect silicone treat moulds to make your pooch an ice-cold pupscile. Freeze plain ol' water or get creative with dog-safe smoothie recipes if you really want to spoil your pup.

    the mould with two paw shaped treats popped out of it on a plate

    11. A portable tabletop pizza oven that'll take your outdoor dining to the next level. You'll be able to craft your own masterpieces (even dessert ones) all night long. It runs on gas or wood, and it has a thermometer, so you'll know exactly how hot it is before you toss a pie in.

    A small group of people crowded around the pizza oven at a party

    12. An SPF 30 scalp spray to save your noggin from burning after a day in the sun. Simply mist it over your part for waterproof protection (don't worry, it won't weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy, either).

    A hand holding up the bottle and spritzing it

    13. And a scalp scrub to remove all of that product buildup and allow your scalp to breathe. It's packed with tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and witch hazel, meaning it's great for clearing up any dandruff that might be sticking around.

    a person in the shower holding the tube of product over their head

    14. A portable neck fan if you want to go hands-free. It'll point directly up at your face and the back of your neck to keep you from succumbing to the soaring temps. Reviewers say the all-around airflow cools them down faster than other traditional neck fans that only concentrate the air on your face.

    A person wearing the portable neck fan, demonstrating that the air flows all the way around their head

    15. Or a handheld fan so you'll never be far from a refreshing burst of air. It'll fit in your bag and the handle even folds down so you can use it as a mini tabletop fan (perfect for your desk in your stuffy office).

    A person putting the fan into their bag

    16. A cocktail machine that'll make your favourite boozy bevvie with the push of a button, just like your Keurig or Nespresso. Just pop in the pod of the drink you want and the appliance will do the rest — no bartending skills needed.

    17. And a set of reusable ice cubes that'll keep your beveragino chilled without watering it down on hot days. Everybody can have their own colour, meaning drinks won't get mixed up at your next backyard bash.

    the reusable ice cubes on a plain dark background

    18. A stick of crystal deodorant to help keep underarm odour at bay for 24 hours without the use of any harsh ingredients that are usually found in antiperspirants. It’s all-natural and will also help prevent stains from forming on the pits of your white shirts.

    A person's hand holding up the deodorant in front of a fence

    19. An ice roller that'll cool you down when you're feeling toasty. It’ll also help ease the pain of headaches and migraines when the ibuprofen just ain’t cutting it.

    20. A glasses chain so your sunnies will stay within reach all summer long and save you from cramming them into your overstuffed bag. Plus, it totally goes with the whole coastal grandma vibe that's currently trending.

    A person with a glasses chain connected to their sunglasses

    21. A maxi dress made of soft jersey if you're looking for breezy comfort, but short dresses aren't really your thing. It's super-soft and lightweight, so it'll keep you cool in the sun even though you're covered to your ankles.

    bianca wearing the maxi dress

    22. A magnetic screen door that you'll be able to open and close without using your hands. Reviewers love that their pets can run through it as much as they want without destroying it.

    A person walking through the screen with a tray and a dog beside them

    23. An instant drink chiller that'll cool down your drinks in a flash (60 seconds, to be exact). It'll chill any bevvy you want, whether it's iced tea or wine, so you'll have something ice-cold to sip on ASAP.

    the hyper chiller drink cooler beside a cop of iced coffee

    24. A bottle L'Oréal heat-protectant hair mist to save your mane from scorching temps and breakage caused by heat styling. It'll also help fight humidity and tame frizzy flyaways — bonus!

    Bianca holding up the heat spray in a bedroom

    25. A mirrored skincare fridge to store all of your masks and serums for a seriously refreshing twist to your daily routine. It can also warm things up with the flip of a switch (I'm thinking warm towels for your next DIY facial).

    The fridge on a counter full of products

    26. A pair of Boca clips that'll keep your towel from sliding down your chair or blowing away in the wind at the beach. They're also great to hang your bag, rather than leaving it on the ground to fill with sand.

    Bianca holding up the margarita shaped clips against a plain wall

    27. And finally, a disposable camera that'll encourage you to live in the moment during all your summer adventures, instead of fretting over the best selfie angles to post on Insta. Once you've used all the film, the collection of snapshots will be like an IRL photo dump.

    A person's hand holding up the camera against a plain background

    You enjoying your summer with all of your new stuff:

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