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    If You Hate Being Outdoors (But Wanna Enjoy The Summer), You’ll Want These 24 Things

    If you love the idea of being outside all summer but hate extreme heat, sweating, bugs, and sunburns, you'll probably want everything on this list.

    1. A stick of solid sunscreen that'll be practically invisible on your skin. Since it's clear, it wont leave streaks after you apply it (and it's infused with sunflower and jojoba oils to keep your skin hydrated).

    the sunscreen in sand

    2. A handheld fan so you'll never be far from a refreshing burst of air during a heatwave. It'll fit in your bag and the handle even folds down, so you can use it as a mini tabletop fan (perfect for your desk in your stuffy office).

    A person putting the fan into their bag

    3. An adult-size inflatable pool if submerging your body in cold water is the only way you'll spend time outside in the summer. You can plug your hose directly into it to activate the sprinkler function for added fun.

    the pool with water in it in a backyard

    4. A waterproof bug zapper if the only thing that's stopping you from enjoying your backyard is the threat of flying pests. It's whisper-quiet, meaning you can even put it by your bed while you're camping.

    the bug zapper on a table next to people eating

    5. A box of allergy medication if your eyes get itchy and watery the second you step outside. It'll also prevent snot, sneezes, and hives from ruining your pool day (curse you, ragweed).

    the box of allergy medication in front of a white background

    6. A pack of cotton bike shorts you can wear under all of your sundresses that'll help with summer chafing. They'll also save you from any Marilyn moments if a gust of wind catches you by surprise.

    A person wearing the bike shorts showing the front and back of them

    7. Or an anti-chafing stick if bike shorts won't work with your ~lewk~ but you need protection from inevitable friction. It’ll create a soothing barrier wherever your skin tends to rub together, so you’ll stay comfortable throughout the summer.

    someone applying the butter to their inner thigh

    8. A portable water bowl so your fur baby can rehydrate while you're on a balmy hike or tearing it up at the dog park. The water dispenses into a handy built-in bowl, meaning it'll be easy for them to drink on the go and you won't have to worry about them overheating.

    Bianca offering her dog a drink from the bottle

    9. A set of soft reusable water balls if you want to cool down with a good ol' fashion water balloon fight, but dread the cleanup. They're easy to refill in a flash, so you won't miss out on any of the fun.

    10. A cooling bamboo towel that'll send instant shivers down your spine (in the best way). Just soak it in water and apply the towel to your forehead or the back of your neck. It even comes with a little bottle to carry it in, making it easy to tote around to sporting events or your next beach day.

    A stack of the cooling towels in front of a plain background

    11. An SPF 30 scalp spray that'll save your noggin from burning after a day in the sun (especially if you're not a hat person). Simply mist it over your part for waterproof protection (don't worry, it won't weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy, either).

    A hand holding up the bottle and spritzing it

    12. A jumbo motivational water bottle so you can make sure you're staying extra hydrated while you're sweating up a storm in the sun. It has a handle that'll make it easy to hold onto or attach to your bag while you're hiking.

    The water bottle on the floor of a gym beside a set of weights

    13. A sun hat with an wide brim that'll keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face (bye, awkward facial tan lines). It'll look just as cute with your beach 'fit as it does with a sundress.

    a person wearing the sun hat in front of a plain background

    14. A pair of Boca clips to keep your towel from sliding down your chair or blowing away and ruining your beach day. They're also great to hang your bag, rather than leaving it on the ground to fill with sand.

    Bianca holding up the margarita shaped clips against a plain wall

    15. An insulated wine bottle and tumbler set so you can keep your favourite vino cool on hot days. Everything in the set is made of stainless steel and the cups come with lids that'll keep bugs from using your beveragino as a pool.

    the wine glasses and bottle in front of a plain background

    16. An insulated backpack to keep all of your drinks and food actually cool while you're chilling on a dock or hustling on a hike. It'll keep things frosty for up to 24 hours and hold up to a whopping 30 (yes, three. zero.) cans, plus a whole bunch of ice.

    a person wearing the backpack looking out at the water

    17. An extra-large umbrella for anyone who's heading to the beach and wants a little shade thrown their way. It’s UV-resistant, with bright colours that’ll make it easy to find if you’ve drifted a bit far in the water.

    A person sitting under an umbrella at a beach

    18. Or a pop-up sun shelter that'll provide some much-needed shade that you won't have to move throughout the day. It's perfect for keeping pets and kiddos cool during the hottest days of summer, plus it'll fold right down to easily fit back into your beach bag.

    a family sitting under the shelter at a beach

    19. A cooling blanket that'll keep you feeling cool 'n' comfy on balmy nights. It's lightweight, making it perfect if you're a frequent night sweater who refuses to sleep without a blanket (it me).

    The blanket on top of a bed

    20. An outdoor rug if you love being shoeless outside, but hate the risk of getting teeny deck splinters in your tootsies. Reviewers love that it dries quickly, so they never have to worry about it being out in the rain.

    the rug underneath a conversation set on a deck

    21. A string of patio lights so you can finally use your outdoor space at night (because it's just too hot during the day). Since they're weatherproof, you can keep 'em up at all times and enjoy them all summer long.

    the string of lights hanging over outdoor furniture on a balcony

    22. A hanging hammock chair if your balcony is seriously lacking in space. It'll make sitting outside on the hottest day of the year *actually* fun and it can be moved indoors during the colder months, too.

    The hammock chair in a yard next to a dog

    23. A projector screen so you can take all of your fave digital comforts outside. It's easy to hang up and take down, so you can use it for indoor Netflix marathons on rainy days, too.

    a group of people sitting outside watching a projector screen

    24. And finally, a set of no-tie shoelaces that'll turn any pair of sneakers into slip-ons. They'll keep your kicks on your feet, so you wont have to stop 100 times to tie your laces during your power walk.

    A person showing off their elastic laces on a pair of running shoes while they rest on a picnic table

    You finally enjoying the summer for the first time:

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