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    23 Fun Finds For Your Next Long Weekend Or Summer Staycation

    Life hack: If you take Friday off, any weekend can be a long weekend.

    1. A table with a hidden cooler to keep your drinks cold while you soak up the sun. It won't take up as much space as a clunky camping cooler and will blend right in with your patio decor.

    the table with drinks inside beside a pool

    2. A giant game of Sorry! if you and your pals love a game tournament, but can't bear another round of corn hole. Everybody can get competitive and since the pieces are so big, you won't have to worry about pieces going missing.

    a family playing with the giant game on their deck

    3. A drink dispenser that'll make topping off your glass of sangria easy-peasy. It comes with a freezable centre cone to keep the drink icy-cold, and a drip-free spigot that'll keep spillage at a minimum while you’re pouring a refill.

    The drink dispenser on a wooden basket on a table outside filled with liquid

    4. And a pair of double-walled wine glasses to keep your drinks perfectly chilled without watering them down. They're lined with cooling gel (just remember to pop 'em in the freezer!) and they have a silicone grip to keep them from slipping from your grasp.

    A person holding the wine glass

    5. A set of soft reusable water balls if you want to cool down with a good ol' fashion water balloon fight, but dread the cleanup. They'll reabsorb water a flash, so you won't miss out on any of the fun when you run out of ammo.

    6. A copy of Beach Read by Emily Henry if you want to spend the weekend with your nose buried in a book. It's all about a romance writer who happens to be a cynic when it comes to love, but everything changes when she meets her exact opposite (a literary writer) and they develop a relationship over the summer.

    Bianca holding up the book in front of a plant

    7. Or a Kindle Paperwhite if you can get through multiple books in a weekend. It has a glare-free screen for easy reading in the sun and is completely waterproof, meaning it's perfect for pool and beach days.

    Bianca holding up a Kindle in front of a chair

    8. An adorable jumbo unicorn sprinkler if you don't have a pool, but still wanna turn your yard into a waterpark to cool down. Get ready to enjoy the suspense of waiting for it to go off and shower you in a refreshing mist.

    kids playing with the sprinkler in the grass

    9. A set of outdoor LED string lights to keep the party going once the sun goes down. They'll illuminate your patio or deck in a soft amber glow that'll provide just enough light for deep chats and late night card games.

    three of the bulbs with a sunset in the background

    10. A floating beer pong table that'll help you take your fave party game into the water. It'll also double as a lounger, so you can take a relaxing nap after winning the tournament.

    a couple of people playing beer pong at the table in the pool

    11. A bucket hat that'll keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face while you lounge outside. Reviewers say it’s super breathable, so your head won’t get sweaty while you’re wearing it.

    A person wearing the hat outside

    12. An insulated backpack to keep all of your drinks and food cool while you're hustling on a hike. It'll keep things frosty for up to 24 hours and hold up to a whopping 30 (yes, three zero) cans, plus a whole bunch of ice.

    a person wearing the backpack looking out at the water

    13. Or a smaller cooler bag if you just need to keep a few bevvies cold on the dock. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can throw it on and keep your hands free for other important things (like your phone and whatever you're currently sipping on).

    the cooler bag in front of a plain background

    14. A tube of Sun Bum sunscreen to keep your skin protected from harmful rays while you're dockside. It's moisturizing, won't leave your skin greasy after you apply it, and is also reef-safe, meaning you can safely wear it in any body of water.

    Bianca holding up a tube of the sunscreen above a checkered floor

    15. A classic Roots crewneck that's giving total vintage Canadiana vibes. It'll keep you warm on those crisp evenings by the fire, while protecting your arms from getting eaten alive by bugs, too.

    A person wearing the sweater against a plain backdrop

    16. Or a wearable blanket hoodie for anyone who needs a sweater and a blanket for maximum coziness (it me). It's lined with a snuggle-inducing sherpa material and since your legs will be free as a bird, you won't overheat.

    A person wearing the hoodie blanket on a couch

    17. A silicone popsicle mould that'll turn your favourite beverage into a refreshing treat. Chill yogurt, juice, or your signature boozy drink into your own icy confections or freeze some water and fruit for an easy kid-friendly snack.

    A bunch of popsicles on a plate next to the moulds with more popsicles inside

    18. Or a pack of disposable popsicle freezer bags if you want to get creative and DIY your favourite frozen treat from your youth. Fill them with your fave juices, yogurt, or cocktails for a fun new way to consume your signature boozy drink at your BBQ.

    The freezer bag full while sitting in an ice bucket on a beach

    19. A pop-up sun shelter that'll provide some much-needed shade that you won't have to move throughout the day. It's perfect for keeping pets and kiddos cool during the hottest days of summer, whether you bring it to the beach, the cottage, or even to your own backyard.

    a family sitting in the sun shelter on the beach

    20. A roomy weekend bag you can stuff all of your 'fits into for your next lil' getaway. Plus, it’ll be way easier to squish into your full trunk than a hard suitcase.

    A person standing carrying one of the bags with another stacked on top of a suitcase beside them

    21. An inflatable beaver-shaped tube for anyone who wants to become ~one with nature~ as they float on the lake. The tail can even be used as a headrest for maximum comfort.

    a person sitting on the tube on a lake

    22. A portable tabletop pizza oven to take your outdoor dining to the next level. It runs on gas or wood, and it has a thermometer, so you'll know exactly how hot it is before you toss a pie in.

    23. And finally, a tube of bug bite cream that'll help soothe stings and bites after a night spent getting munched by mosquitoes. It's packed with baking soda and tea tree oil that'll give you relief from the unbearable itch and calm your skin down.

    A person putting the cream onto the back of their hand

    You enjoying whatever time off you have this summer:

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