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    I Bet You'll Want At Least One Of These 24 Random Amazon Canada Finds Under $25

    You can't go wrong with prices this good.

    1. A butterfly-shaped LED lamp that'll illuminate your room with a rosy glow. It'll bring a cool Y2K vibe to your space that any Gen Z'er will envy.

    The butterfly-shaped lamp lit up in a room

    2. A rechargeable reading lamp so you can read your fave novel without straining your eyes (looking at you, phone screen). It has three brightness settings and will illuminate your pages from any position.

    Bianca holding a book up with the light attached to the top as it illuminates the pages

    3. A tube of SPF-packed Jack Black lip balm that'll help moisturize your dry pout while giving it a lil' sun protection, too. It contains vitamin E, so it'll help heal any painful cuts or burns on your kisser.

    A person putting on the lip balm against a dark plain background

    4. A ~handy~ palmistry jewellery stand to keep your growing collection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets from getting tangled while you're not wearing them.

    The jewellery stand with jewellery on it on a table beside a pair of glasses

    5. A bottle of linen spray that’ll lull you to sleep with the scents of lavender and chamomile. Simply give your pillows and sheets a few spritzes before tucking in and let it whisk you off to dreamland.

    the bottle on a table surrounded by plants and sprigs of fresh lavender

    6. A pack of stick-on LED strips that'll provide ambient backlighting to your television or gaming setup. They’ll plug right into the back of your screen and turn on when your TV does, so there'll be no need to fiddle with the remote.

    Bianca's television at night playing an episode of The Golden Girls with the lights on behind her tv creating a glow around the screen

    7. A tube of Neutrogena sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the sun while you're hanging out on the patio. Since it's dry-touch and sheer, it won't leave a greasy film or white cast on your skin when you apply it.

    The tube of sunscreen in front of a colourful background

    8. A Game Boy-inspired Apple Watch stand that'll make your timepiece look adorably retro as it juices up. The cord will feed through the rubber stand, so your bedside table won’t get cluttered up with wires.

    A person sliding their watch into the stand

    9. A colour-changing LED light bulb if you want to switch up your room's vibe without committing to stick-on strips or extra fixtures. It's easy to install and can flex between standard white and fun colours with the help of an app.

    10. A purse hook that'll keep your bag off the floor when you go out for dinner. Now you won't have to hang your stuff on the back of your chair or leave it to take up space on the table where more bread should be.

    A hook holding up a bag in a public bathroom

    11. A pack of butterfly hair clips that'll hold your tresses back just like they did in the '90s. Each set comes with a rainbow of colours, so you can mix 'em up or match them to your OOTD.

    A bunch of the clips mixed together on a plate

    12. An exfoliating foot peel mask if your tootsies are in desperate need of some TLC and you can't bear to drag yourself to a nail salon for a pedicure. It'll transform your feet in a week, all from the comfort of your own home (and it'll even get rid of stubborn calluses).

    13. A Burn After Writing journal that'll encourage you to answer some honest questions while you unwind. Don't be afraid to get real with your responses, they'll stay between you and the book 😉.

    The front cover of the book

    14. A trio of jumbo hair clips that'll help you effortlessly achieve the Y2K updo of your dreams. Reviewers say the clips even hold up thick tresses with ease and that they're great for clipping up strands while they're styling their mane.

    15. A set of handy waistband extenders if you’re tired of your denim digging into your tum. They're super easy to pop on (no sewing required!) and come in three different colours that'll match different shades of denim, so you won't have to get rid of your favourite pair of jeans.

    The waistband extender on a pair of jeans

    16. A roll of stick-on window film that'll make lil' baby rainbows appear all over your room when the sun hits the glass *just* right. It'll also give you some privacy from nosy neighbours.

    A set of windows covered with the rainbow film in a living room

    17. A drying rack that'll let your makeup tools fully air out before you use them again. The different-sized openings can fit a variety of brushes and it'll fold down for easy storage between cleaning days.

    Brushes hanging in the brush holder on a table beside a cup of makeup brushes

    18. A pack of cat-themed box cutters that'll help you break cardboard down like a pro (while looking absolutely adorable in the process). Reviewers say they're surprisingly durable for their petite size.

    A set of three of the box cutters on a colourful table

    19. A bottle of Torani salted caramel syrup with a handy pump lid if you want to give your home brews a total upgrade. You can skip putting a spoonful of sugar in your java since the syrup is already delectably sweet on its own.

    20. A set of pastel highlighters that’ll ~zhuzh~ up your study notes and bullet journals. They’ll dry in a flash, which means they won't smudge any ink while you’re marking down important info.

    A book open with different sentences highlighted and underlined using all of the colours of markers

    21. A classic game of Guess Who? for anyone who's a fan of reliving their youth through the magic of board games. You can even play the more suggestive adult version (as seen on TikTok).

    A person holding up the cards of the game over the vintage board

    22. A lil' tie-dye kit that'll turn your boring old white clothes and accessories into the funkiest pieces in your wardrobe. Use one colour for a monochromatic look or mix 'em all to make the traditional swirly design you donned as a youngster.

    23. A copy of Beach Read by Emily Henry if you want to spend your evenings with your nose buried in a book. It's all about a romance writer who's cynical when it comes to love, but everything changes when she meets her exact opposite (a literary writer) and they develop a relationship over the summer.

    Bianca holding up the book in front of a plant

    24. And finally, a jade gua sha tool that'll help you massage daily stress right out of your face. Pair it with your favourite facial serum or oil to add a centuries-old beauty hack into your current skincare routine.

    Bianca holding up the gua sha in front of a checkerboard floor

    You getting yourself a well deserved treat:

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