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    River Country: Disney's Abandoned Water Park

    Much like a sad forgotten child, this water park graveyard is just depressing.

    Opening in 1976, Disney's River Country was Walt Disney World's first water park. Then in 2001 Disney shut down the park for what they called "maintenance." In 2005 it was announced that River Country's gates would never be opened again. What has become of this once beloved park? It seems it has been left starving and alone along with our shattered memories.

    Once a joyous and fun family water park,

    So full of life,

    So full of wonder,

    And so full of fun!

    These wicked cool slides.

    Its theme was set around the old fashion swimming hole from the days of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

    But the once popular and vibrant River Country has now been left to rot away...

    Now an eery stillness consumes the park...

    The once wicked cool slides now lead into an abyss of sadness...

    It slowly has shriveled and withered away...

    Overgrown and ignored...

    I weep for these abandoned slides....

    Sarah Mclachlan's "I Will Remember You" plays in my head as I look through each picture...


    Shamelessly forgotten! Left alone to die!

    Rumors for years have suggested that the park will be revived as a water park specifically for Disney's Fort Wilderness Lodge Resort.

    But until we know its ultimate fate, let us remember River Country as a place of clean water, safe and fun slides & rides, and wonderful family memories. Not the gruesome images that now haunt the park today.

    No one really knows the true reasons why this delightful place was shunned by Disney. Perhaps lack of attendance? Maybe the natural water and Florida's sudden concern for water born bacterias could have been a factor? Or Disney's new and improved water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach were what caused River Country's demise. Whatever the reason, it was enough to cause Disney to turn its back completely and never return. River Country still sits alone today, sad and abandoned longing to be loved again.

    Bonus Material! Check out this video of these guys who snuck there way into the abandoned park. Complete with working water fountains and music that still plays inside the park.

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