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14 Reasons To Be Smarter At The Dentist

Who doesn't love a good root canal from an unqualified PCD?

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6. But what if he wasn't an expert? Rather than putting in the thousands of hours of supervised residency training needed to become a licensed specialist in this procedure, what if he only attended a 5-day seminar to get a “certificate of completion”?

9. Every day, some Primary Care Dentists across the country provide specialist treatment without the advanced training or licensure to do so, while misleading patients to believe they are qualified and equipped to perform them.

10. They’re able to do this because dental professionals are regulated by state dental boards made up almost exclusively of Primary Care Dentists. Translation: dentists are regulating dentists and looking out for their own interests.

Today, dentists all across the country are able to make reckless decisions regarding patient health with almost no regulatory oversight.

They send their family members to specialists for braces, root canals, extractions, and other procedures, but irresponsibly provide it to strangers from their own office for profit. You can help us change that.

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