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Some Of Winnipeg's Cutest Millennials

We've all heard it before. Winnipeg is the city of a long and cold winter that doesn't seem to let up. How is it then, that cuteness thrives so strongly in a place where everyone shivers through their longjohns and is lacking vitamin D? This article is going to introduce you to some of Winnipeg's Cutest Millennials and explore how they stay so dang cute and creative.

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1. Jessica Lebedynski

Erin Meagan Schwartz

Jessica Lebedynski is an avid tweeter, bisexual writer, and local piano teacher. She plays a lot of Overwatch throughout all seasons of the year and is very enthusiastic about television. She likes " and girls and scully" and is not afraid of passionately liking things in popular culture. Jess tries very hard to be a positive person and compares herself to calamari because it is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. She used to hate wearing skirts and never thought she would be blonde or have short hair. Now, she owns too many skirts and has short blonde hair. When asked about how she keeps her cuteness even in the most difficult of times, she responded "I once met a witch who told me that if a witch eats the president that witch should become president. To this day, I think about that and how it has made me stay this cutie I am today". This is advice we can all take to heart.

You can find Jess at:

2. Dan Unger

Adam Willis Kelly

Dan's gentle cuteness is a breath of fresh air especially in Winnipeg's climate and music scene. You can find Dan sipping red wine while listening to Solange, playing drums in local bands, or standing outside in their staple leather jacket smoking a cigarette. Dan beautifully said "there's something so special in everyone, and they all deserved to be bummed a cigarette or glass of wine. They all deserve their own cute spot on the dance floor or on the carpet to play a silly board game." Their humble attitude around their cuteness makes anyone blush.

You can find Dan at:

3. Frances Koncan

Erin Meagan Schwartz

Frances is a local playwright and theatre artist. Her colourful style and dog Tucker accentuate her masterful flirting skillset and her close attention to aesthetics has all of Winnipeg astounded. Frances has musical talent, a knack for party planning, an allergy to soy, and exploding head syndrome. Little known fact about Frances is that she "was accused of plagiarism in 5th grade because my poem about watching someone die in a fire was too good to be written by me...but it WAS!". When interviewed, Frances noted that she stays cute by a routine of skincare practices like virgin blood bathing and exfoliation. Stay fierce.

You can find Frances at:

4. Autumn Crossman-Serb

Autumn is a local Libyan & Metis 26 year old artist and storyteller who is professionally underemployed. She recently taught a Zine Day Camp that focused on DIY in the digital age. The way she works with ink and creates imagery and characters that aren't boring easily makes her viable to win Winnipeg's Cutest Artist! Balancing artistry and comedy isn't a challenge for Autumn - and she somehow has the energy to run an active twitter account and do standup comedy. She stays cute through a regime of athleisure wear, gay romance novels, and doodling. Truly an icon.

You can find Autumn at:

5. Jonathan Mourant

Jessica Lebedynski / Via

Jonathan is the quintessential robot Aquarius living in a human world. He loves comics and science fiction and would probably listen to movie soundtracks with you while he works on creating new works and stories. He is a barista and improviser with a knack for pulling off graphic teeshirts. Jon is understanding and his cuteness manifests when he is doing what he loves most: dreaming about working in television/film/theatre, sleeping in, and talking to others and learning about them. What a cool dude!

You can find Jon at:

6. Anjali Sandhu

Nina Caputo

Local comedy genuis Anjali Sandhu has changed the game about how Winnipeg thinks about cuteness. If she could have a superpower, she'd want it to be mind control, but she doesn't need to change our minds about our adoration of her! While on an exceptionally speedy car ride with Anjali, you might notice her infectious laugh and shiny hair. If she were a cast member on SNL she would probably be Molly Shannon. Anjali stays cute by keeping up to date on what Taylor Swift and the former cast of Glee are wearing. When asked about herself Anjali mentioned that she doesn't have a wedding song picked out, but she has a funeral song ready to go. What is it? "Everytime by Britney Spears" Anjali retorted.

You can find Anjali at:

7. Joshua Acatzin Basman Monterrubio

Josh moved to Winnipeg in the summer of 2015 and has found a great community of supportive activists and has positioned himself as one of Winnipeg's cutest activists. He is currently deciding how and where he wants to study now, even though Winnipeg bubbles with his silliness and laughter inducing antics. Josh loves all forms of arts and crafts including embroidery, sewing, playing music, doing videos, and making puppets. The driving material in his work are his Indigenous, Jewish, Spanish, French and African ancestry and he is immediately drawn to the originary cultures ways and symbology prior to colonization. "Laughing is my second favorite thing in the world, making others laugh being the first of course. I like to challenge the ideas of what is 'normal' through humorous concepts. These can vary because normal is used in a very broad way. And I try to challenge them all. Because breaking normal is kind of funny on its own." Josh's cuteness resides in his youthful energy.

8. Howard Julien

Howard's hobbies include watching the entire CBC TV library and baking vegan biscuits. What makes Howard so cute is his dedication to memes and supporting his friends by smashing that like/love/haha/wow/sad/angery react on Facebook. When asked about how he mantains his cute demeanor, he responded "my secret is drinking carbonated water always for any reason". Now we know!

9. Adi Farage

She loves strawberry milkshakes, is obsessed with instagram, and is as cute as a guessed it: it's Adi Farage! Her favourite season is spring but she manages to go on adventures and taking photos with her friends all year round. As a sociology student who is gradutating soon, Adi makes time to be an advisor for the Red River Region of BBYO and is a student leader for Hillel. Adi is someone who makes friends easily and her lipstick brightens anyone's day. Her advice for staying cute? Gathering inspiration from all the beautiful babes in her life!

You can find Adi at:

10. Jeremiah Yarmie


Poetry neophyte, baby cellist and only child, Jeremiah Yarmie is almost overwhelming with how cute he is. As a science writer who has a BSC in genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology, Jeremiah is precise with his love and attention. If you are lucky to be on the receiving end of it, you may ask to hold his hands at a grassroots organizing event or perhaps snap some shots of him wearing his favourite shades: indigo and blue. What makes Jeremiah so cute? He was quick with his answer. "I'm biracial so I'm OBVIOUSLY cute".

You can find Jeremiah at:

11. Spencer Lowes

Spencer holds three things in high regard: friendship, memes, and cats. Spencer will always derail a conversation about how cute he is with a photo of a cat, usually his own. When we were finally able to pin down his secret for staying cute, he explicitly stated that he does so by "sacrificing the young and beautiful". It's no wonder we all think Spencer is cute, he is a mystery man. What does he do? What does a typical day in the life of Spencer Lowes look like? Only time will tell.

12. Abigaïl Theano-Pudwill

Local style icon and debater Abby stays cute with an irresistible combination of steps! She keeps things spicy (she literally has hot sauce in her bag at all times) and loves people, mango smoothies and spoken word poetry. She plays the violin, loves to have challenging convos (and continutes to have them while in a position on the executive of Youth Parliament of Manitoba. Additionally, she was a #DaughtersoftheVote delegate for Winnipeg. If you weren't already convinced, Abby works at Vero Moda, Tim Horton's Charity Promo Truck and CFS and somehow finds time to learn fun new dances. One addition to Abby's confidence and cuteness is a good pair of heels "as I am 5 3’ on a good day!" Abby exclaims.

13. Augusta Georgia

Fairies + glitter + makeup + a pink tutu paired with vegan combat boots = the recipe for cuteness that goes through the roof! Augusta is a local hula hooping Metis girl who stresses how radical self care is. She loves hula hooping because it's a creative expressive art form as well as being a great way to move our bodies. She loves listening to audiobooks about fairies and a podcast called Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. One of the cutest things about Augusta is she knows how to spread her cuteness: she brings glitter to events to share her sparkle. Augusta's entire being radiates cuteness from the way her nose and eyes crinkle when she laughs to her love of tummies and cuddling.

You can find Augusta at:

14. Ryan Sherbo

Do you want to know a secret about Ryan? He wants to do voice acting and podcasting at some point in his life. He currently has a very casual radio show at the University of Manitoba where he plays music that he likes. Ryan plays bass and sometimes flute and is learning how to compose and produce music. In addition to music, Ryan really loves art and Pokemon. On top of that, Ryan loves his friends a whole lot. Ryan is cute in every single situation he gets in whether it's knitting at a cafe, talking politics with friends, or holding hands in public. Ryan is getting a BSc in Math and wants to learn enough math to use it to help people some day. We asked Ryan for some expert tips for staying cute. His response? "Never run out of hand sanitizer and nice smelling shampoo! Dye your hair fun colours that make you happy! And aaalways stay hydrated!"

15. Jayelyn Rae

Jaye makes playlists for her friends and loves to take walks listening to said playlists on lovely summer or spring days. "Or fall", Jaye added, "I don't really like winter". Even so, our local barista and jewelry maker rocks a beanie like no tomorrow. Some important things to Jaye are crystals and meditation and pairing those things with self love and care. How can we achieve that? "I think baths are super lovely for that. Light some candles, get some crystals for some good vibes and relax". Jaye also loves trees, plants, the moon, and does abstract painting alongside her jewelry craft. A lover of bad movies, Jaye is cute despite (or because of) her love of Bee Movie and Scooby Doo.

16. John Manning

One of the most cheerful Winnipeg millennials is John! He spends about 70% of his day listening to music and 100% of his day being adorable. John does Live-Action Roleplaying and is very witty and creative. John is very interested in stories and consumes stories in a myriad of mediums including but not limited to books, TV, comics, and anime. When we asked John what makes him so cute, he answered "I accessorize"!

17. Tessa Wiwchar

Tessa loves to hoard sunshine and only throws away negativity. She has five feet and eight inches of pastiness and groovy moves. Toast, scrunchies, rain sticks and dandelions are some objects that she enjoys most in life. She loves house plants but is looking for tips for keeping them somewhat alive for somewhat longer. She recognizes that kittens and hugs are kind of nice but Tessa does not take any happiness in these things. If given the chance to use a time turner to repeat one thing in life, Tessa would choose to go back to grade twelve and practice her trumpet more. If we had a chance to turn back time, we would rewind to become pals with Tessa sooner!

18. Christopher Freeland

Local director and filmmaker Christopher Freeland is an up and coming artist with a knack for style and humour. What is the hottest thing he's working on right now? Chris replied "a wedding video for a wedding that was all the way back in August" but we also got let in on a secret about a short that he is writing. The details are hush hush. Another thing that is kept secret about the elusive Chris is his twitter account. It is one of his favoured outlets but it isn't for just anyone to peruse. With a focus on a 90s aesthetic, Chris spends his daily life watching movies, listening to hip-hop and eating burgers. Chris clarified his aesthetic by saying "not the real 90s, it's a fake 90s that I think only exists in my head". We would be honoured to exist in your head as well, Chris! When we asked Chris about what he loves and where his cuteness stems from, he had this to say: "My other favourite hobby is loving my friends. I love being involved in art. Whether I'm making it or helping make it or just observing...I just love making people feel things and I love feeling things because of art". We are feeling things too.

You can find Chris at:

Not his twitter

19. Jenna Hailee Neuman

Jenna is a local nanny who loves to make yummy food and wake up early to face the day. She is fitness oriented and has built her strength mostly by calisthenics (body weight training) and hardly any equipment. Instead of lifting heavy weights, she is usually working on how many pull ups she can do. It is her dream to own a fitness studio or business and live in a tropical place on a beach. We asked Jenna what she frequently listens to on her iTunes and she laughed and said "my top played songs are probably all Disney". Jenna is known for her eyelashes and you wouldn't be the first to see her going for a run outside when the weather is nice. This queer and femme girl loves zombies and the undead - she even has pets named Michonne and Carl! When we asked Jenna what makes her so cute, she immediately responded "chokers" and then giggled with her dimples appearing on her bright eyed face. "I'm cute because I have Shirley temple dimples when I smile and because I still get overly excited about the small things. And 'cause I'm STRONG"!

You can find Jenna at:

There you have it. Stay tuned for more articles outlining the cuties in your area!

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