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    15 Things You'll Learn At A Better World By Design

    Do you think the world can be better? So do we. Come talk it out with us in Providence this September and we’ll see what we can do.

    Hey World,

    We’re just peeking in to see if you’re as excited about the 2014 conference as we are. If this is the case, we love you. We still love you even if it isn’t. But we can also tell you why you’re mistaken, and why you should register immediately after reading this.

    1. It is impossible to have thoughts if they aren’t also written on post-it notes.

    (And then shared on twitter)

    2. Exactly how “temporary” temporary tattoos are.

    warning: It could still freak out your parents.

    3. The number of times that the word “innovation” can be used in a single weekend.

    4. You’re not thinking unless you’re ‘design thinking’.

    Why is it called ‘thinking wrong’ if it feels so right?

    5. What socially-conscious ragefacing looks like. [how many designers does it take to finish a case of hard ciders?]

    The guy in blue studies math. Like actually studies math.

    6. How to D.I.Y. in the field of Biotechnology.

    And how not to end up as Dr. Frankenstein while doing it...

    7. What red sounds like.

    It’s *beeeeeauuuuutifulllll*

    8. ‘ideation’.

    “I’ve never seen THAT word before”

    9. Why pigeons and wayfinding go hand-in-hand. These birds do more than instill fear deep in the hearts of city-dwellers with their menacing “coo.”

    (Also RISD has a coop full of ‘em)


    *crickets count*

    *no joke.

    11. ------------> wayfinding ←------------

    12. Pioneering balloons. Balloons even more exciting than this one.

    13. How it feels to have little robots make things for you.

    “Look so nerdy chic in 3D printed charm bracelet, you will.”

    14. Why students do it better.

    15. Maybe we’ll release #15 at the conference…

    Only one way to find out.

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