Onepiece Customer Service Is The Closest You Will Get To Being In The Wizarding World Today

Onepiece the adult onesie store wins at customer service. And life. #magic

Onepiece is the leading provider of adult onesies. So being new to the adult world, I decided to spend my first paycheck on the novelty sleepwear.

Bye money bye

The onesie I ordered was too big so I returned it for a refund that took approximately 394 years to process

just waiting for my money…

They said the refund process would take 14 days but patience is not a skill that I possess neither is functioning as a real life adult (hense purchasing superfluous loungewear)

REGARDLESS I contacted customer service to see if I could speed up the transaction.

The following are the e-mails exchanged (I have omitted the customer service person’s name because I don’t know how legal things work)

and so begins my magical journey…

It needed to be asked because honestly I have never had anything delivered that fast besides chinese food.

A winky face? Oh, okay customer service man, game on.


Brace yourself

10000 points for Gryffindor!

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