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    21 Times Niall Horan Proved He Was Boyfriend Material

    His future wife wins at life.

    1. The time he described the most perfect date ever.

    Eat a lot and chill on the couch ! Are the two things I'm very good at ,and both will be done today.

    2. The time he smiled on a web cast like this so we could pretend we were skyping while he was on tour.

    3. That time he wished us luck on our exams like a good boyfriend should.

    Wow how did I forget! I knows it's already started , but good luck in your exams ! lots of love

    4. That time he brought us into his living room to watch step brothers

    5. The time he just had to tell us he loved us.

    Morning! just wanted to tell you I love you all !

    6. That time he posted this selfie on Instagram so we could all know what it would look like to wake up next to him every morning.

    7. The time he was excited about the World Cup.

    First game of the World Cup tonight ! Can't wait ! PRA CIMA MAJOOOOORR ! CMON BRAZIIIILLLLL !

    8. That time he shared his morning tea with us.

    9. The time he revealed he is as obsessed with Harry Potter as the rest of us.

    Not gona lie, I'm obsessed with Harry potter now, I've watched 5 movies in 3 days since I've been to the studio tour!

    Even if he was a bit late on the Hogwarts Express.

    10. The time he proved he has a great relationship with his father, like you knew your dream boyfriend would.

    11. That time he was super philanthropic and thankful.

    򣌀,000 ! Wow ! Thank you everyone for buying tickets and coming down, to the sponsors of the game, the players! Everyone! Amazing

    He's basically a saint.

    12. The time sent us a video message telling us he loved us.

    13. That time he was absolutely adorable while playing chubby bunny.

    14. That time he was a lovable goofball and owned a horse head and named it Rodney.

    15. The time he showed off his awesome cooking skills.

    16. That time he took a stand and told the internet to chill.

    So many lazy and shit rumours flying around! get a grip !

    17. That time he was super domestic and pumped his own gas.

    18. The time he made all of our dreams come true and dressed as Prince Charming for a costume party.

    Tulisa speaking all about how grateful she is that Niall Horan is in the world:

    19. That time he did whatever the hell this was during the talk dirty to me video

    20. The time he gave us this smirk because he knows exactly what he does to us.