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28 Products That Are So Punny It Hurts

The most punderful time of the year.

1. A set of six dorky cork coasters.

2. A t-shirt for the fit foodie.

3. A punderful love mug.

4. This IRL banana hammock.

5. This perfectly dry pictorial singalong.

6. This genius tee that . . . wait for it . . . 😂😂😂

7. A pizza cutter for the dad who came, who sawed, who conquered.

8. A mug for powering up.

9. A wall-hanging that puts you in the right *wine*set.

10. This fraudulent noodle fridge magnet.

11. A t-shirt for the snorter, the hooter, the fingergun shooter.

12. A bag for your junk.

13. A shirt for the anatomy nerd.

14. A mug that doubles as a disaster kit.

15. This cheeky a-hole paperweight.

16. A t-shirt that couldn't get the job done.

17. A tote that's a total 10.

18. A tee that . . . just stop it.

19. These socks fit for the king.

20. A pencil holder for staying sharp.

21. A tee that's got jokes.

22. A mug for those who need coffee and the sound of silence.

23. A guitar pick that's a stainless steal LOLOLOL.

24. A golf tee that's subpar at best.

25. This wordplay as foreplay.

26. This phone case with the ultimate knee-slapper.

27. A crate of fire starters that are dy-no-mite.

28. And wait, there's myrrh.

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