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23 Incredibly Gorgeous Statement Necklaces You Can Get On Amazon

Go big or go home.

1. A chunky, crystal-leaf rhinestone necklace that adds the perfect polish.

2. A rope and rhinestone statement piece for some *pow!*

3. An elegant teardrop necklace you might ask Jack Dawson to draw you in.

4. A resin and rhinestone bubble flower collar for your next garden party.

5. This glass-crystal collar you can wear with anything from an evening dress to jeans.

6. A stunning clear rhinestone necklace for that pop of bridal bling.

7. An elaborate silver statement piece with hints of turquoise and red resin.

8. A coin-tassel collar that's beautifully boho.

9. A dino necklace everyone'll dig.

10. And the perfect topper for festival attire.

11. A mixed-media chain bib necklace that's downright regal.

12. An on-trend metal and grosgrain ribbon choker you can wear two ways.

13. A striking Victorian piece for your steampunk look.

14. And a gold-tone statement piece Cleopatra would envy.

15. A classy seed-bead collar that gives life to any look.

16. A raindrop-bead bib that comes in every color.

17. A sophisticated silver rhinestone collar for any special night.

18. This lightweight, playful bib necklace you can wear with everything.

19. A gorgeous crystal statement necklace that adds upscale dimension.

20. And the choker equivalent of Rihanna's underboob tattoo.

21. A super-sized chain and glass-crystal bib necklace that'll steal the show.

22. An iridescent rose statement piece not made for delicate flowers.

23. And a bubble bib necklace that'll take any outfit from average to angelic.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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