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22 Organization Products That'll Make Your Bathroom A Much Better Place

Even if your bathroom is a chokey-sized afterthought.

1. Air-tight apothecary jars to tidy up your sink explosion of hair ties, bobby pins, soap, razors, makeup, and more.

2. Over-the-toilet shelving for optimizing storage space in small bathrooms.

3. A complete set of matching bath and hand towels to replace the gym and beach towel you've been using.

4. An expandable bamboo bathtub tray that'll keep your relaxation essentials all in one place.

5. A 3-piece toilet paper holder, brush stand, and waste basket set to organize eyesores.

6. A toothbrush holder that isn't a faded plastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cup.

7. A fold-out drying rack for wet towels or hang-dry clothes.

8. A little lotus jar to wrangle cotton swabs.

9. Cult-favorite acrylic makeup organizers that give a clean, modern, organized look to vanities and countertops.

10. A wall-mounted or over-the-cabinet hair tool holder to clear up surface space.

11. A trio of over-the-door baskets for hanging toiletries and hand towels when there's no floor space left for furniture.

12. A caddy that keeps your soap and hair products from cluttering bath ledges.

13. A gorgeous, minimal side table for your toilet or claw-foot tub.

14. Shelving, so TP and Poo-Pourri are never out of reach.

15. ...or a tower of metal market baskets as a cute shelving alternative.

16. A Pinterest-perfect, rustic bathroom accessories set that does all the decor coordinating for you.

17. A medicine cabinet to add polish and dimension.

18. This genius under-the-sink shelf that accommodates unwieldy plumbing.

19. A soap dish to keep your bar soap from sliding around or leaving a slime trail of residue.

20. A hamper for dirty clothes and towels.

21. A sturdy, vertical shelving unit you can use for display, storage, or both.

22. And a bamboo paper holder and basket that make a multi-tasker out of your tank.

Oh, the bathroom your bathroom could be.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.