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39 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A cat necktie, a Wi-Fi extender, luscious lip treatments, and other favorite products from our recent posts.

1. A bed caddy for keeping glasses, smart phones, and remotes at arm's length.

2. A soft, creamy matte lip color that doesn't cost a whole paycheck.

3. A non-slip, dishwasher-safe, silicone drying mat that rolls up and tucks away for easy storage.

4. Adorable eyeliners that are both liquid and pencil in one.

5. An outfit for your cat's important upcoming legal proceeding.

6. A yummy honey lip balm in a container just as sweet.

7. Perfect everyday ankle boots that come in sizes 5.5-11.

8. Organic Argan oil that moisturizes, improves fine lines, and boosts cell regeneration.

9. A set of eight makeup brushes that amounts to nearly a dollar per brush.

10. The perfect organizational companion for meal prep and planning.

11. A soft, light T-shirt that comes in every color.

12. A mug that, like you, needs coffee before it can even *think* about using the force.

13. An extendable snow broom and ice scraper that makes quick work of clearing windshields.

14. A pair of snow boots that saves your piggies from going "wee wee wee" all the way to crippling frostbite.

15. A foam facial cleanser that washes away dirt and oil and tightens pores using albumen (egg whites).

16. A Wi-Fi range extender that lets you scroll through Facebook in the bathroom, attic, garage, etc.

17. Lip stains in rosy hues for a dose of color that's subtle and lightweight.

18. A Sushi Bazooka that in a perfect world would shoot raw fish out like a T-shirt cannon, but instead it just makes impressive-looking sushi.

19. A Skinfood finishing powder made with extracts of peach and sake.

20. A portable white-noise machine that lets you sleep uninterrupted anywhere you go.

21. A pair of produce containers that keep food fresh up to 80% longer than store packaging.

22. A car seat caddy that organizes β€” and catches β€” your phone, wallet, makeup, and blah blah this is mostly for french fries.

23. A manual food chopper that replaces kitchen knives and cutting boards.

24. An electric glass kettle (with a neat blue LED light) that makes water roar in a matter of minutes.

25. Re-useable produce freshness bags that prolong the life of fruit, veggies, and flowers tenfold.

26. A hanging basket shower caddy that lets you wave goodbye to cluttered ledges.

27. A travel-size, battery-operated fabric defuzzer that removes pills from clothing and keeps you looking fresh.

28. An important, relevant read.

29. A sponge makeup blender that gives you a flawless, airbrushed finish.

30. A pair of headrest hooks because your bag is way too expensive to be fraternizing with floor dirt and melting snow.

31. An exfoliating and hydrating lip scrub that removes dry skin and primes lips perfectly for your chapstick of choice.

32. A water bottle that keeps you hydrated *and* stores valuable items during trips to the gym.

33. A squiggly bristle hairbrush made of rainbow-colored detangling magic.

34. A makeup brush shampoo for keeping tools of the trade clean and bacteria-free.

35. A deluxe Spirograph set that lets you create satisfyingly flawless designs.

36. A wall-mounted mop and broom holder that eliminates startling broom-closet injuries.

37. A lip balm and sheer tint in one for lips as pretty as they are replenished.

38. A cordless lithium hand vac with an easy-to-empty dirt vessel and a nozzle slim enough for tight nooks.

39. And a drain protector that revolutionizes catching β€” and easily removing β€” your and your Wookiee family's fallen shower hair.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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