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21 Irresistibly Weird Products To Buy On Amazon

Buffalo chicken soap, a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain, edible scorpions, and 18 other things that actually exist.

1. 3D wolf muzzle boyshorts for...wooded areas.

2. A one-pound replica of human body fat.

3. A DJ deck for the wealthy socialite cat trying to find himself.

4. This wearable billboard of positive self-affirmation.

5. A calendar that celebrates Earth's natural dick structures.

6. A faux-taxidermy squirrel that mounts to your wall and hates you.

7. A mixer that lets you immersion-blend your smoothies like a Sith Lord.

8. A pair of headphones that make it look like your ears are filled with smaller ears.

9. A set of four hand-crocheted feline asshole coasters.

10. Dental floss that leaves your mouth mmm mmm, cured pork fresh.

11. A sherpa-fleece goat anatomy blanket.

12. Bucket of Scat, a plastic bucket containing 13 lifelike animal shits.

13. This guardian angel shower curtain.

14. Edible scorpions in a bag.

15. A fence porthole for four-legged eavesdroppers.

16. An easy reader for kids you don't like.

17. A way to spice up Valentine's beer pong.

18. And a testicles keychain for that *special someone*.

19. A cookbook that proves you all will do literally anything to get more protein.

20. Soap that looks like pieces of Buffalo chicken.

21. And Cheesus Christ, our Grate Lord.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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