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25 Housewarming Gifts That People Will Actually Want

Or: 24 Things That Aren't Booze... And One That Is.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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1. A chic set of plated-brass pineapple shot glasses that double as decor.

Get set of two from Urban Outfitters for $35.

2. A hedgehog hand brush who'll sweep surfaces with his bristle mohawk.

Get it on Amazon for $13.99.

3. A set of succulents for a breath of fresh air.

Succulent boxes from Lula's Garden start at $35.

4. A gorgeous white marble rolling pin that adds class to a new kitchen.

Includes a wooden resting base and features nylon ball-bearings for a smooth roll.

Get it on Amazon for $16.92+. Also available in green and black.

5. A mug that screams "them," not "given out for free at that fundraiser in 2009."

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $10 (available in a variety of styles).

6. A trio of dad-joke tea towels.

Get it from A2D Creations on Etsy for $30.

7. A set of stoneware lidded storage bowls to replace their mismatched Tupperware.

Dishwasher- AND microwave-safe!

Get a set of five from Amazon for $39.99.

8. A candle that'll warm their stressed-out heart.

Get it from Meraki Crafts on Etsy for $9.

9. A coffee table book for giving a room some dimension.

@marion_fsl / Via

Promising review: "Not only is this book easy to read (just like the author's blog), but the tips and advice are out of this world. Yes, a lot of the brands that she calls her 'basics' are expensive, but go to any store or boutique and you can find similar styles for less. My new year's resolution has nothing to do with fitness, but rather upgrading my style and skincare/makeup routine, and this book was an awesome beginner's guide." —tatjana abell

Get it on Amazon for $18.81.

10. His & hers pillowcases for the newlyweds' new abode.

Get them on Amazon for $29.99. Available in queen and king.

11. A miniature waffle maker for the most important meal of the day, which is whatever meal includes the waffles.

Get it at Bed Bath and & Beyond for $9.99. Available in three colors.

12. A vintage-y steel first-aid box for storing the essentials in style.

Can be carried or wall-mounted.

Get it on Amazon for $24. Available in three colors (first-aid supplies not included).

13. A set of just-add-tomato-juice Bloody Mary mixes for throwing brunch at their place.

Promising review: "Demitri's is the key ingredient in our favorite 'Red Beers' that we can usually only get at Red Robin restaurants. As a bartender for many years, I find it also makes the most superior tasting Bloody Mary! This mix is nearly impossible to find in any local store, so I decided to search Amazon to purchase some as a gift for my significant other. He was pleasantly surprised to receive it because he could finally enjoy his favorite 'Red Beers' at home. I foresee this bottle lasting a long time, since you only need a couple tablespoons of this concentrated seasoning mix combined with your choice of V-8 or tomato/clamato juice. Great value for the money and it stores longer as a concentrate (vs. a traditional Bloody Mary mix)." —Brianna Revard

Get the pack of four on Amazon for $32.25.

14. A safety apparatus that's not an eyesore.

Fire extinguishers at Safe-T start at $99.

15. Some really, really good coffee.

@peetscoffee / Via, @glocal_cakery_bakery_aarhus_dk / Via

16. A set of acrylic frame magnets so you can cover their fridge in Polaroids of your face, because don't let them think for a second that moving means they can forget you.

Compatible with Fuji Instax Mini 8/8+/70/7s/90/25/26/50s, Pringo P231, Instax SP-1/SP-2, Polaroid PIC-300/Z2300, Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, LG PD233/239.

Get the set of five double-sided frames on Amazon for $12.99.

17. A set of classic hammered-copper mugs for Moscow mules.

Promising review: "The review is from a bartender of 10 years who has seen a lot of Moscow Mule copper mugs (everything from crappy to very high-end). I purchased these as a gift for my father's birthday. He loves them. I scoped them out before gifting them and found the quality for the price makes a great deal. Definitely recommend. Hand wash only so they don't get ruined." —Erin C. Kadzis

Get the set of four on Amazon for $23.99. Also available in a set of eight.

18. An herb gardening kit that'll make their new digs come alive in springtime.

Get it from Amazon for $21.94.

19. Concrete pillars that can house plants or tea candles.

Get the set of three on Amazon for $29.98.

20. A "congratulations" cake to celebrate the big move and provide food for every meal until they finally fill the place with groceries.

@mollymcorrigan / Via

Cakes from Bake Me A Wish start at $29.99.

21. Stackable mason jar measuring cups for a little Southern charm.

Get this at World Market for $12.99. Also available in red and pink.

22. A cocktail subscription box that gives them all the tools of an expert entertainer.

@shakerandspoon / Via

Subscriptions from Shaker & Spoon start at $50/month.

23. Geometric ceramic and wire vessels that'll update their desk or vanity.

Get the set of two on Amazon for $38. Also available as a wall-mounted option.

24. A board game that's not a disheveled cardboard mess.

Backgammon set features a black fabric carrying bag for dice and game pieces. Board has magnetic closure and painted argyle exterior.

Get it from the MoMA Store for $89.

25. And if all else fails...bubbly.

@barefootwine / Via

Shop champagne and sparkling wine on Drizly here.

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