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25 Gifts For The Most Sarcastic Person You Know

Omg. Thank you. I love it.

1. This mug for a boss that would NEVER make you do anything pointless.

2. This medal for someone who really outdid themselves.

3. A throw pillow from the Chandler Bing therapy couch.

4. A print of YOLO's saucy twin.

5. A t-shirt for someone who's been over it since their Scholastic Book Fair days.

6. This key hook that's tired of your shit.

7. Gift tags for all the gifts you're giving, which are the best gifts people have ever received.

8. A button for that someone who never hosts holidays at their house.

9. A House, M.D. mug that's as contemptuous as you are before coffee.

10. This keychain for that sarcastic friend that lives in a tiny garbage apartment.

11. This bible.

12. A fridge magnet that pays homage to the OG insufferable wiseass.

13. A t-shirt for your tech friend who cannot believe we're doing this again.

14. This gag book of beefcakes doing the sexiest things, like respecting their partners' needs and assuming basic adult responsibilities.

15. A phone case that no, really, seriously, wishes you'd keep talking.

16. A wall hanging for your favorite Seinfeld fan.

17. An official membership shirt.

18. Simply adorable stud earrings that respond to all the bullshit for you.

19. A cropped statement tank for anyone who believes in sass > ass (realness > squealness?).

20. This forever feeling, framed.

21. A shirt for someone who literally can't wait to watch another game.

22. Sticky notes for the most spirited receptionist you know.

23. A pin for that someone who won the effort contest and won't let anyone forget it.

24. A portable power bank for charging electronics on the go, which is always, you're very important.

25. And this pure, unadulterated savagery, courtesy of The New Yorker.

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