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14 Gifts For Someone You Don't Even Like

~It's not so much about opening presents as it is opening our hearts~

1. Give this toilet mug to a potty mouth or shit talker.

2. Name a star after -- and gift the "certificate of registry" to -- somebody materialistic, or like, practical.

3. Tell someone "your home is gross" with these adorable dishwashing gloves.

4. Honestly this one seems pretty universally insulting.

5. Give this darling book to someone who complains that they never get invited but will 100% flake if they are.

6. Give Operation to Dr. Insufferable who "didn't go through eight+ years of medical school to be called MISTER Insufferable, thank you."

7. Give this can of plush sausages or a plush roasted turkey with limbs that tear off to the children of self-righteous vegans.

8. Give this revolver-shaped egg mold to the Martha Stewart who has everything.

9. Give this smart egg tray to someone who, I swear to God, if they talk about how much millennials and technology are ruining humanity one more time . . .

10. Give a parenting book to someone with kids, I dare you.

11. Give a germaphobe or someone with an immaculate house this charming handmade soap.

12. Pay it forward by giving this gorgeous aluminum toothpaste squeezer to a relative that never misses an opportunity to complain about your generation's wastefulness.

13. Give unseasonal decorations to that fucker that finishes everything early and has to let everyone else on the struggle bus know about it.

14. And give someone the gift of never walking peacefully through their own house. Ever. Again.

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