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    7 Things You Didn't Know Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Do

    Feel like James Bond by making your Samsung Galaxy S5 do things that you had no idea about. You know you've always wanted to use a regular pen or a potato as a stylus.

    1. Make Your Low Battery Last Incredibly Long With Ultra Power Saving Mode

    What It Does: Makes your phone's battery last super long: Even 10% of battery life can last for up to 24 hours longer.

    Why It's Awesome: We've all had those moments where we hope that the 15% of battery life remaining on our phones lasts over the next four hours. Usually, that's an impossible dream that ends up with us being heartbroken and panicking to find a charger, but the Galaxy S5 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode setting to keep you going. The mode does this by shutting off everything you don't need, but leaves access to your calls, text messages, and web browsing. Now, you have less reasons to worry about your phone and more time to enjoy it.

    Where To Find It: Slide down on notifications bar > Go into the "Settings" menu > Tap "U. Power Saving" > Tap OK

    2. Keep Your Most Personal Stuff Away From Curious Eyes With Private Mode

    What It Does: Allows you to hide your scandalous pictures, videos, files, apps, and more from people that get a bit too curious with your phone.

    Why It's Awesome: Letting your friend borrow your phone to do something can be one of the most nerve racking things if your entire life is on your phone. Sure, they might want to just look at the photos you took of the beach, but sometimes they get a little bit too curious and start trying to find your secrets. If you have highly confidential files or sensitive photos that are meant for your eyes only, Private Mode allows you to hide and lock access to them. Curious eyes won't even have a chance to see what you're hiding.

    Where To Find It: Tap "Apps" > Tap "Settings" > Tap "Private Mode" > Drag activation switch to right

    3. Use Any Object As A Stylus With Enhanced Touch Sensitivity

    What It Does: Enables you to use just about anything as a stylus, so you don't have to buy one.

    Why It's Awesome: Even though smartphones are meant for us to touch with our fingers, it's nice to use a stylus when our hands are too cold to pull out of our gloves or too flithy to feel good about. The Galaxy S5's Enhanced Touch Sensitivity allows you to use anything as a stylus - seriously, you can use a real pen, a necklace, a key, a water bottle, an iPhone, a potato, or any other thing you can think of for a stylus. Just don't try to use anything you wouldn't want touching your phone.

    Where To Find It: Go into the Settings Menu > Tap "Display" > Tap Increased Touch Sensitivity > Drag activation switch to right

    4. Unlock Your Phone And Pay For Things With The Fingerprint Scanner

    What It Does: Allows you to unlock your phone easily and pay for items, just like newer iPhones.

    Why It's Awesome: You may have heard that the newer iPhones include a fingerprint scanner than can unlock the phone without the need for a passcode and be used for purchases. But the iPhone isn't the only phone on the block with those superpowers, because the Galaxy S5 also comes with a built in fingerprint scanner that can be used for jumping right to your home screen without having to draw your pattern. Even better, Samsung also allows the Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner to be used for purchases where PayPal is accepted in store, so you too can experience a wallet free life. iPhone lovers can't have all the fun, you know.

    Where To Find It: Tap "Settings" > Tap "Fingerprint Scanner" > Tap "Fingerprint Manager" > Tap "Add New Fingerprint"

    5. Run Two Apps On The Same Screen With Multi Window Mode

    What It Does: Enables you to run two apps side-by-side for super multitasking.

    Why It's Awesome: While phones are great for getting single tasks done, nothing gets more annoying than when you have to constantly jump back and forth between apps, like when you're in a text message conversation with someone but trying to watch that new YouTube video everyone is talking about. Multi Window Mode allows you to run two apps at the same time, as you can even adjust the size of the two apps for maximum comfort. Now you have no excuse to reply to your friends 20 minutes late, even if you are watching that Star Wars trailer over and over again.

    Where To Find It: Tap "Settings" > Tap "Muti Window" under "Display" > Drag activation switch to right > Hold "Back" button > Drag apps into sections

    6. Keep Everything In The Reach Of Your Fingers With One Handed Mode

    What It Does: Shrinks the size of the home screen or current app to allow for easy access no matter the size of your hands.

    Why It's Awesome: Not all of us have hands like Michael Jordan, and sometimes a big phone can become pretty hard to use with one hand. Thankfully, the Galaxy S5's One Handed Mode can shrink the size current app or home screen and can allow you to reach everything with ease. You can even resize the current window in any way that you'd like. No matter the size of your hands, everyone is perfectly capable of using the Galaxy S5, which can't be said for some of the other phones out there.

    Where To Find It: Tap "Settings" > Tap "One Handed Operation" > Drag activation switch to right > Swipe to the right and left quickly to activate

    7. Download Your Movies, Music, And More Way Faster With Download Booster

    What It Does: Combines the power of Wi-Fi and a 4G LTE connection to download files super fast.

    Why It's Awesome: No one likes slow speeds when it comes to technology. We don't like when our Instagram pictures load slow, or when we can't get directions to where we're going on Google Maps, or especially when our files only download by 1% every five minutes. If you need to download something onto your Galaxy S5 in a hurry, simply turn on Download Booster in the settings menu and witness a file finish downloading in no time. When your phone has faster download speeds than your computer, you know you've made it to the future.

    Where To Find It: Slide Down Top Bar > Tap "Wi-Fi" and connect to network > Tap "Settings" > Tap "Download Booster" > Drag activation switch to right