15 Gifts For The Game Of Thrones Fan In Your Life

Christmas is coming.

1. Night’s Watch Recruitment Poster

Some North of the Wall, for your wall. Get it here.

2. Khal Drogo Undies

Ever so slightly creepy. Perfect for the ‘moon of your life’. Get them here.

3. A Game of Thrones: A Board Game

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Perfect festive family fun! Get it here.

4. Westeros Travel Mug

Winter is coming. Best put the kettle on. Get it here.

5. Handstamped Cuff Bracelet

Sage advice. Get it here.

6. Etched Shot Glasses - Set of 6

Perfect for your next banquet. Or predrinks. Get them here.

7. Dire Wolf Bookends

Your books have never been in safer (or cuter) hands. Get them here.

8. Crows Before Hoes Hoody

Cosy AND genius. Get it here.

9. Dragon Egg Plush


10. Mobile Phone Case

A Lannister always pays his debts. And returns his phone calls. Get it here.

11. Christmas Bauble

I’m willing to bet at least five people died in the pages used on that bauble. Get yours here.

12. Baratheon House iPad Cover

Their sigil looks enough like Rudolph that I’m happy to call this festive. Get it here.

13. Mother of Dragons Necklace

Never lose your dragons again. Get yours here.

14. 2014 Wall Calendar

So they always know when winter is coming. Get it here.

15. Replica Iron Throne

Yours, by rights. If you’re willing to part with £20,000. Get it here.

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