18 Cocktails Guaranteed To Keep You Pleasantly Buzzed This Summer

When it's too hot to do anything, make cocktails.

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1. Cucumber Vodka Soda

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This refreshing cocktail is flavored with homemade cucumber juice and fresh lime juice, which are mixed with some vodka and seltzer water. Serve with a boatload of ice and fresh cucumber slices. Get the recipe here.

9. Coconut Milk Rum Punch

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Not only should you be freaking out about coconut milk in a cocktail, you should also be freaking out about the candied pecan rim. Get the recipe here!

11. St. Germain Spritzer

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This four-ingredient cocktail, garnished with fresh cherries and apricots, can be whipped up in just minutes and is best enjoyed on a warm summer evening. Get the recipe here.

12. Strawberry Thyme Gin Rickeys

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This summery cocktail is flavored with strawberry thyme simple syrup, fresh strawberries, and fresh sprigs of thyme. Get the whole recipe here.

14. Coconut & Strawberry Raspberry Frozen Daiquiris

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Why settle for a daiquiri with only one flavor when this one has three!? Combine fresh summer berries with coconut for the ultimate daiquiri experience. Recipe here.

16. Rhubarb-Raspberry Margaritas

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In addition to featuring the classic summer combo of rhubarb and berries, this vibrant margarita also features a salty vanilla bean rim. Get the recipe.

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