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    Cecil The Lion: 8 Things You Should Know

    As someone who was raised in Zimbabwe, I'm amazed that a lion from our little-known African country has captured the sensitivities of people worldwide. Here are some things to know about Cecil.

    1. Cecil lived in Hwange, Zimbabwe's biggest National Park.

    2. Cecil was a stud.

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    At one point, Cecil was the head of a 22-member pride of lions - a force to be reckoned with, in the lion world. Two years ago he was overthrown by younger males, and in response he teamed up with another lion to re-establish a new pride. His current pride contains three lionesses and six cubs - and they are now in danger.

    Now that Cecil is dead, another group of male lions is likely to take dominance by killing his cubs.

    3. Cecil was enormous.

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    An average male lion is around 189kg (418lb), but Cecil was an impressive 220kg (485lb). He was heralded "the biggest lion in Zimbabwe" and his massive frame meant that he wasn't afraid of humans. Often, safari vehicles had to drive off the road to avoid him, rather than the other way around. This lack of fear also meant that visitors got to see Cecil up-close, something that must have been an awe-inspiring sight.

    4. Cecil's killing has brought trophy hunting into the limelight.

    5. Cecil is not the only victim of injustice in Zimbabwe.

    6. Cecil is not the only Hwange lion to be killed outside the park.

    7. Even in death, Cecil is a wildlife ambassador for Zimbabwe.

    8. The roar of Cecil's fans has sent a powerful message.