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    Reasons Why Professor McGonagall Is A Total Badass

    "Usually when people shake their head, they mean 'no'."

    1. She's very good at alliteration.

    2. She is not oblivious to the fact that Dolores Umbridge is the spawn of Satan.

    He deserved that biscuit.

    3. She knows that there are times when calling Voldemort "He Who Must Not Be Named" is frankly ridiculous.

    "His name is Voldemort, Fillus. You might as well use it, since he's going to kill you anyway."

    4. Her transformation skills are awesome.

    5. She is the queen of sass.

    6. She understands that there are times when the school rules must be broken.

    7. She has the best resting bitch face the world has ever laid eyes upon.

    So really, Minerva McGonagall is the most badass witch ever.

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