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17 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Live In Toronto

Or, more commonly known as ~Toronno~

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1. When you successfully pay for the bus with a handful of insufficient change:

2. When the ads for The Ex come on TV and you realize that summer is actually over:

3. When you get the "Good things grow in Ontario" jingle stuck in your head:

4. When people from the GTA say they are from "Toronto":

5. When the subway arrives and it's one of the old shitty trains:

6. Going to Dundas Square on a weekend:

7. When your friend invites you to the Leaf's game:

8. When the Leaf's lose...again:


9. When you see a tourist taking a dip in the lake:

10. Standing with one foot on the moving floor, and one foot on the non-moving floor of the CN Tower revolving restaurant:

11. When you and another driver both spot an empty parking space in the Yorkdale parking lot:

12. When foreigners make fun of the way you say "Toronno":

13. Every time you walk out of Union Station and the construction is STILL there:


14. When you catch a foul ball at a Blue Jays' game:

15. When your friends try to convince you to go out on a frigid winter night:

16. When you finally succumb to going out, and see girls wearing booty shorts to da clubz in this subarctic weather:

17. When you go to Toronto Island and catch a breathtaking glimpse of the Toronto skyline:

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