27 Signs You Are Actually Raven From "That’s So Raven"

Read this post, ya little nasty.

1. You’re a real big spender.

2. You know that everything tastes better drenched in gravy.

3. You like to deal with your problems in a sophisticated manner.

4. You have sassy, Beyoncé-esque alter-ego.

5. You are extremely well-rested.

6. You like big butts and you cannot lie.

Disney / Via teadalek.tumblr.com

7. You’re really into science and stuff.

8. You ain’t got time for no haterz.

Disney / Via degrassi.wikia.com

9. You are an expert at camouflage.

A champion of puns.

And a master of disguise.

10. NSYNC? Nah. Backstreet Boys? Meh. You know that this is the hottest boy band of all time.

We give you our devotion.

11. You are an exercise fiend.

Especially running.

12. You are ingeniously metafictional.

Disney / Via gnarly.tumblr.com

I see what you did there…

13. You regularly dance like no one is watching.

14. When your fave song comes on, you cannot be held responsible for the movements of your body.

Disney / Via mrwgifs.com

15. You take cooking very seriously.

16. You’re sorry, but you can’t help it if you’re popular.

17. You are a model student.

Disney / Via meanplastic.com

Especially when it comes to your compassionate analysis of romantic literature.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

18. You are the Queen of uncomfortable situations.

19. And you are the Wizard of modern technology.

20. You like food.

Sometimes you just wanna roll around in it.

21. In fact, sometimes your love of food obscures your ability to understand simple things.

22. And you know that the party don’t start till food walks in.

23. You have a firm grip on reality, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

24. But your friends? They’re living in a world of fantasy.

25. You are one with nature.

Disney / Via gnarly.tumblr.com

26. No matter what happens, you always remain calm.

27. Most importantly, this is how you evaluate all your actions in life.

NBC / Via imgur.com

Ok BRB, gonna go relive my youth watching old episodes of That’s So Raven.

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