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21 Undeniable Stages Of Having A Celebrity Crush

You don't know me, but we're gonna be married.

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1. You watch a new movie and a hottie you have never seen before catches your eye.

2. As soon as the movie is over, you race to your computer to IMDB this hottie.

3. And you fall deeply in love.

4. You proceed to watch every tv show/movie he has ever been in.

5. You wonder how it's possible that a human so flawless can actually exist.

6. And you bemoan the fact that there are no men like this in your realm.

7. You follow him on every social media platform imaginable.

8. You take serious measures to get him to follow you back on twitter.

9. And when he doesn't reciprocate, you take it VERY personally.

10. You might decide to make him your phone background

So that every time you check your phone you can lose yourself in his dreamy blue eyes.

11. And in extreme cases, you might ink his face onto your body.


12. You are shocked when people haven't heard of your celebrity crush.

13. But when people dare to diss you crush, they are not even worthy of your time nor energy.

14. So naturally, when you meet someone who shares the same celeb crush as you, it's like a match made in heaven.

15. You dream about meeting your crush one day

And what you would say to him.

16. Your friends tell you it will never happen, but as a wise man once said:

17. You are in denial every time you hear a rumor that your crush is dating someone new.

18. But when the rumours turn out to be true, your heart shatters into a million little pieces.

But you just can't.

19. But just like the seasons change, so too does the object of your affection.

20. Because inevitably, you will watch a new movie and discover a new male hottie and develop a new ultimate crush.

21. And the whole cycle will begin again.

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