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21 Undeniable Horrors Of Driving A Car

Life is a highway.

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1. When a person changes lanes without signaling.

2. When someone takes the parking spot you CLEARLY had your eye on.

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3. When the traffic light has a green arrow, but it decides not to make use of this feature.

4. When you have a green light but a car is blocking the entire intersection.

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5. When YOU are that car.

6. When the light comes on indicating that you are in desperate need of gas, but you are nowhere near a gas station.

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a.k.a. my worst nightmare.

7. When people honk for no damn reason at all.

8. When you get lost and wind up in a dodgy neighbourhood.

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Can we panic now?

9. When the person in front of you is driving WAY under the speed limit.

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10. When the person behind you does an aggressive lane change just so they can pass you.

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11. When you encounter a dreaded train crossing.

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12. When the highway randomly closes down and you are forced to navigate the bewildering country side roads.

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13. Rush hour traffic.

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14. When you're driving along and someone rolls down their window to tell you your trunk is open.

15. Trying to drink coffee while driving.

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16. When three radio stations are playing the same god awful song.

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17. When you hear a police siren.

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18. When you miss your highway exit.

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19. When you sit down on the leather seats of your car in the summer.

20. When you accidentally leave a window open during a car wash.

21. But when someone suggests taking public transport instead...

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