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17 Times Mr. Bean Perfectly Captured The Great Struggles Of Living In London

Never make eye contact on the tube.

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1. When someone is standing on the walking side of the escalator.

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2. When you can't escape the buskers in Covent Garden.

3. When you try to immerse yourself in the harsh world that is the London dating scene.

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4. When Chicken Cottage is the only thing that's open after midnight.

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5. When you manage to get onto the tube before the doors close, but your friend doesn't.

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6. When you miss the last tube home and must find other means of transportation.

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7. When you make the bold decision to get an uber instead of the night bus.

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Bus wankers!

8. When you're willing to do whatever it takes to avoid the hefty cost of joining a London gym.

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9. When you make eye contact with someone on the tube.

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10. When you realize your cocktail costs more than the price of your actual dinner.

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11. When you're waiting to be called at an NHS walk-in centre.

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12. When you try to do your own repairs in your flat because you have a rubbish landlord.

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13. When you're trying to fit in at a Michelin Star restaurant.

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14. When, for some reason unbeknownst, you agree to host a dinner party.

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15. When your landlord mercilessly raises the price of your already extortionate rent.

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16. When you're trying to stay awake at your desk following a big night out at the pub.

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17. When your Nando's is extra cheeky ;)

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