15 Daily Struggles Of Working In A Coffee Shop

Because coffee is your daily grind. Literally.

1. You’ve grown sick and tired of explaining the difference between a latte and cappuccino.

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Latte — espresso, lots of milk, foam. Cappuccino — espresso, milk, lots of foam.

2. You dread having to call out a drink order with a name you don’t know how to pronounce.

Because inevitably, you will make a fool of yourself.

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3. Your confusion arises when someone orders a decaf drink.

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4. And it peaks when they ask for an EXTRA shot of decaf espresso in it.

An extra decaf shot so you can be extra not-awake?

5. Your brain runs in circles trying to keep up with customers’ meticulous drink modifications.

And you’re just like

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6. You feel like your world has ended every time you screw up your latte art.

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But when you create a cool design, you make the customer wait while you take a photo of it.

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Which you will later post on Instagram with a funny caption.

7. You have experienced the undeniable pain of burning your hand on the steam wand.

8. You have been trained to keep smiling even when customers treat you like poo.

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Behold, the notorious “customer service smile.”

When on the inside, you’re all like

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9. You politely decline when a customer tries to pay with pennies.

Whilst in your head, you’re thinking

And you literally want to rip someone’s weave out when customers leave you pennies as a tip.

Thanks for the non-legal tender which I can use to buy ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

10. You quiver with exasperation when you are asked to steam a latte to a precise 78 degrees celsius.

11. You inadvertently consume more caffeine in a single shift than the average person does in their lifetime.

12. You sometimes wish you could just throw on an invisibility cloak when someone you know walks into the store.

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13. Your hair reaches a whole new level of frizzy over the course of your shift.

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14. You stare in disbelief when a customer orders a “grande frappuccino”.

Doozer / Via uproxx.com

This ain’t no Starbucks honey.

15. You try to force yourself to drink espresso even though it utterly repulses you.

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Now, on a somewhat related note, please sit back and watch Ed Sheeran sing about “Cold Coffee in the Morning” — a drink I’m sure many people purchase at your place of work.


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