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    20 Signs That You've Arrived To Your 30's

    How did this happen?

    1. When people ask you what you plan on doing during any day or week off.

    2. Somehow you've convinced everyone to "go out" on the weekend.

    3. Hard alcohol has turned into public enemy #1.

    4. But when it comes to wine you're like...

    5. Making new friends isn't like it used to be.

    6. You start seeing what your 20's has done to you.

    7. And realizing that your friends children are at least five.

    8. When people ask you "what's it like being in your 30's?"

    9. Facebook's "On This Day" never lets you forget your past.

    10. You've finally learned how to say no.

    11. Your social skills have finally set in.

    12. It really doesn't matter how much or what you drink, unless it's non-alcoholic, you'll feel it when you wake up.

    13. Todays youth is truly missing out on good music

    14. Things start to hurt when you wake up.

    15. Have you seen what teenagers are leaving the house in?

    16. Getting ID'd suddenly becomes an appreciated form of affirmation.

    17. Stumbling upon photos from year 21 is like...

    18. You realize you're too old for half of the reality TV shows you're still watching on TV.

    19. A foreign language is being formed right in front of your eyes.

    20. And you're just glad you're not 40 yet.

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