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The Hypocrisy Of Facebook’s Community Standards

In theory, Facebook's Community Standards seem like a great idea right? But what happens when they fail to follow through? Several groups on Facebook write appalling things including content such as racism and promoting violence. These are reported to Facebook multiple times and do Facebook remove them? HELL, NO!

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Facebook's Community Standards say:

"Organisations and people dedicated to promoting hatred against these protected groups are not allowed a presence on Facebook. As with all of our standards, we rely on our community to report this content to us."

When people do report the content, they couldn't give a sh*t!

The following comment was posted by a person who likes an Islamophobic page on Facebook, I have copied it word for word including spelling and grammatical errors. The comment is a few months old and is still there but has since been edited. This person, who I have kept anonymous, is advocating the slaughter of children:

"Well said…for every person beheaded by these sick savages…we should drag 10 off the streets and behead them…film it and put it online. For every child they cut in half…we cut one of their children in half…An eye for an eye…we have got to stop been soft and fight back…im am sure plenty of people would be willing to do it…I personally would…I am so sick of innocent people being beheaded by these evil savages from the 7th century"

Facebook responded to my report of this post, saying that it does not violate their terms and conditions…although it clearly did.

Let's start a new hashtag: #FBCommunityStandardsaJoke and post about your experiences using their report feature!

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