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10 Problems Faced By The Average Unemployed JSA Claimer.

Problems faced by unemployed people on Jobseekers Allowance.

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1. JobCentre employees who look for tiniest excuse to sanction you.

2. Being labelled as lazy drains on society because of a small minority.

3. The NEVERENDING BOREDOM of being unemployed!

4. Being unable to apply for most jobs because of your reliance on public transport.

5. The crushing blow of rejection after rejection after rejection.

6. Job ads that say “Must have own transport”.

Who on benefits can afford to run a car?

7. Every single Job Interview.

8. “Sorry you can’t have this job because you have no experience.” “How do I get experience?” “You get a job.” “How do I get a job? No one will hire me because I have no experience”

9. “Bring CV into store”

“So I need to bring the CV I can’t print out because I can’t afford a printer, to the store that’s two buses and a train journey away that will cost about 2/5 of my benefits to get to?”

10. Stagecoach buses….

...need I say more?

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