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    • bethannh3

      People need to educate themselves on what obesity/weight truly is. Its the size of a person. It doesn’t determine health. What determines health is DIET/GENETICS/ENVIRONMENT. Weight has little to do with it.  Example: I am obese and my labs/BP/Blood sugar are all normal. A friend who is “normal weight”, has high lipids/cholesterol/HTN and is being told by her MD she is at a high risk for severe heart disease in the future if she doesn’t change her diet and started her on a blood pressure medication. Put us side by side and you would tell me that I am the unhealthy one because of STUPID stereotypes that you have been fed by the social media… Don’t be quick to judge on image alone…. Beauty is beauty, no matter the size! Please check out this book that is published and written by a PhD….

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