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15 "Would You Rather" Questions From The 2010s That Are Impossible To Answer

Would you rather use sandpaper as toilet paper or use hot sauce as eye drops?

Kayla Yandoli 20 hours ago
Isha Bassi One day ago
Farrah Penn One day ago
Hanifah Rahman 2 days ago

What Are The Most Overrated Tattoos Of This Decade?

Single-needle, under-boob, and feathers, OH MY!

Syd Robinson 5 days ago
Isha Bassi 3 days ago
Lauren Garafano 4 days ago

Here Are 24 Of The Most Overdone Tattoos Of The 2010s

"The under-boob tattoo is the tramp stamp of the 2010s."

Syd Robinson One day ago
Audrey Worboys 20 hours ago

Make A Playlist Of 2010s Songs And We'll Guess Who Your Male Celeb Crush Is

Also this quiz is a reminder that this was a decade full of just great music!

Brian Galindo 4 days ago

21 Funny "Ellen Show" Moments From The Past 10 Years That Are Straight-Up Hilarious

A LOT of funny things have gone down in the past 10 years.

Kayla Yandoli 5 days ago
Isha Bassi 7 days ago

18 Celeb Photoshop Fails From The 2010s That You Can't Unsee Once You've Seen Them

Featuring two thumbs, a ghost foot, and a missing leg.

Ajani Bazile 4 days ago
Nora Dominick 10 hours ago

24 Movies That Are 100% Brilliant Even Though Most People Think They're 100% Crappy

"C'mon, let's go to Paris's — I wanna rob." —The Bling Ring

Kayla Yandoli 3 days ago
Taylor Owens 2 days ago

17 Parents Who Did Things So Amazing, They Immediately Went Viral This Decade

Please don't tell me you forgot about Chewbacca mom.

Krista Torres 9 days ago

23 Of The Craziest And Scariest Things One Direction Fans Have Ever Done

I can't believe we all survived it but we're here to tell the tale now.

Matt Stopera 13 days ago
Jon-Michael Poff 13 days ago
Audrey Worboys 10 days ago