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The Definitive 25 Best Pop Punk Albums Of The 2010s

Pop punk's not dead.

Some may say pop punk is past its heyday, but the 2010s saw plenty of great music come from the genre.


We aren't talking about the very poppy Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, or Paramore (although all three put out stellar albums), or emo giants like My Chemical Romance, or the best of the post hardcore scene like A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, or Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!. We're talking about the pure breeds, power chords, lyrics about your crappy small town — you know the drill.

Here are the best 25 pop punk albums from the 2010s.

25. Green Day, Revolution Radio (2016)

Reprise Records

Possibly pop punk’s biggest name churned out one of their better albums in 2016. Green Day’s performance of "Bang Bang" at the 2016 American Music Awards was legendary.

24. This Wild Life, Clouded (2014)

Epitaph Records

The acoustic pop-punkers gained YouTube fame with their covers of scene standouts, however Clouded put their songwriting abilities on full display. “No More Bad Days” and “Looking Back” are the best tracks on the album.

23. Seaway, Hoser (2013)

Mutant League

Hoser is just perfect pop punk, through and through. "Shy Guys" helped put the band on the map — and in our hearts.

22. The Maine, Lovely Little Lonely (2017)

8123 Records

The Maine put everyone on high alert with a killer album in 2017. While the poppier songs gained the most streams, “Bad Behavior” is vintage The Maine.

21. Yellowcard, Southern Air (2012)


Hard to believe Yellowcard released four studio albums over the past decade, including their final record in 2016. Each told its own story, cementing the band’s legacy as one of the genre's best. This album's opening track, "Awakening," might be the band's best song since their Ocean Avenue days.

20. 5 Seconds of Summer, 5 Seconds of Summer (2014)

Capitol/Hi or Hey

Look, they aren’t for everyone. But 5 Seconds of Summer's self-titled album was the biggest pop punk record of the decade. It's full of bangers and helped rejuvenize the genre.

19. We Are The In Crowd, Best Intentions (2011)


This whole record is just too much fun. We Are The In Crowd had so much chemistry and it showed in their breakthrough album.

18. Joyce Manor, Never Hungover Again (2014)


Rolling Stone deservedly lists “Never Hungover Again” as one of the 50 best pop punk albums of all time. It’s one of only a few on this countdown to make that cut.

17. Tonight Alive, What Are You Scared Of? (2012)

Sony Music Australia

It’s tough to pigeonhole Tonight Alive as a pop punk band, but their early work probably qualifies. From front to back, What Are You Scared Of? is phenomenal. It also launched lead singer Jenna McDougall to scene star status.

16. WSTR, Red, Green or Inbetween (2017)

No Sleep Records

This band deserves more ears. “Eastbound & Down” and “Featherweight” are two of the best pop punk songs of the decade, and are the shining stars of this great album.

15. Blink-182, California (2016)


These pop punk titans released three albums between 2010 and 2019. All of them were great in their own right, but California was the "most Blink" of the three.

14. Broadside, Paradise (2017)

Victory Records

Broadside followed up their scene hit song “Coffee Talk” with an album full of pop punk gems featured on Paradise. “I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting” is one of the best soft punk (is that a thing?) songs of the decade.

13. Sum 41, Order In Decline (2019)

Sylvain Stricanne / Via

The only album on this list from the year 2019, Order In Decline is Sum 41’s loud announcement that they’re back and just as good as ever. “Never There” strikes a somber, yet comforting, chord for many fans.

12. With Confidence, Better Weather (2016)

Sony Music Canada Inc.

The first three tracks of Better Weather — “Voldemort,” “Keeper” and “Archers” — are all standout tunes. The acoustic version of “Voldemort” kills.

11. Simple Plan, Get Your Heart On (2011)

Atlantic Records

Simple Plan captures its 2000s magic with its 2011 release of Get Your Heart On. Full of collaborations, this album blew up and reminded everyone that pop punk giants weren't going anywhere.

10. State Champs, Around the World and Back (2015)

Pure Noise

The Albany natives spearheaded a pop punk resurgence in the mid-2010s. Around the World and Back is great album, beginning to finish.

9. Trophy Eyes, The American Dream (2018)

Hopeless Records

“Some of my friends sell drugs, but I just sell sad songs to the ones who feel alone. You can count on me if it all goes wrong.” Enough said.

8. The Story So Far, Under Soil and Dirt (2011)

Pure Noise

The Story So Far defined the “sad boi” trend, best described as the beautiful offspring between emo and pop punk. Their album “Under Soil and Dirt” set a standard for the decade.

7. Knuckle Puck, Copacetic (2015)


The Chicago 'burbs pop-punkers were already established before Copacetic. The album is loaded with bangers, like "Untitled," "Evergreen," "Disdain," — honestly, too many to name. Their 2017 encore, Shapeshifter, is also brilliant.

6. New Found Glory, Resurrection (2014)


New Found Glory was hit-or-miss this past decade — pun intended. But Resurrection, anchored by the blowup single “Vicious Love" (its second version featuring the wonderful vocals of Paramore's Hayley Williams) was a smashing success. Also, “Ready and Willing” is one of New Found Glory’s best tracks.

5. Moose Blood, Blush (2016)

Hopeless / No Sleep

The album’s two biggest tunes, “Honey” and Knuckles,” are both phenomenal tracks that earned Moose Blood stage time at major festivals. It’s a shame the band is on hiatus.

4. Real Friends, Composure (2018)

Fearless Records

Real Friends released four albums between 2010–2019, and each one was better than the last. Watching this band grow was such a treat for pop punk fans.

3. Mayday Parade, Mayday Parade (2011)

Hopeless Records

“Oh Well, Oh Well” is a perfect song. “When You See My Friends” and “Stay” are also highlights. A band that started out working hard by handing out CDs outside of Warped Tour released one of the best pop punk albums of the decade.

2. The Wonder Years, The Greatest Generation (2013)


Like other bands on this list, The Wonder Years dropped multiple gems this previous decade. The Greatest Generation combines the angst of their early work with the maturity of their recent records.

1. And the No. 1 spot goes to Neck Deep's Life’s Not Out to Get You (2015)


Full of old-school pace and power chords, Neck Deep’s breakthrough masterpiece is one of the best pop punk albums of the decade — and all time. Stylistically, it borrows heavily from great works of the early 2000s. Lyrically, it was perfect for 2015.

What other albums would make your list? Let us know in the comments below.