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10 Thoughts You Have When Your Phone Battery Is At 1%

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Here you are, minding your own business.

"Today's such a great day," you think to yourself!

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"Isn't life a blessing?"

You reach for your phone to take a selfie because you want to share this newfound bliss and contentment that most men spend their entire lives trying to find.

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Selfie game strong, you must admit.

But you realize your phone battery is at...1%.

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And things...fall...apart.

1. "What did I do to deserve this?"


2. "Maybe it's because I didn't hold the door for the old lady at that grocery store last week?"

3. "And now karma is serving me mine."

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4. "Have I really found bliss and contentment if I can't share it via social media?"

5. "I could be getting 'likes' right now, but I wouldn't even know it."

6. "God, if you're listening, could you please send a portable battery pack and a compatible charging cable my way?"

7. "Maybe I should just turn it off?!"

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"You know, quit before they can fire you. That kinda thing."

8. "But what if it just never comes on again and these are our final moments?"



9. "If I'm having a good day but can't tweet about it, am I really even having a good day at all?"

10. "But what if someone swipes right...and I miss it?"


Opportunity missed. Life ruined.

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