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10 Pictures You Take On The Last Day Of High School

[Insert Senior Quote Here] Nothing compares to the carefree days of high school, but brand-new tech from Best Buy will help prepare you for what comes next.

If #FreshmanProblems Were Motivational Posters

Got 99 problems but a parking space on campus ain't one (and neither is finding something to treat yourself with at Best Buy. Just sayin'!).

14 Signs You And Your Roommate Need A DIVORCE

Sometimes it's easier to separate, and when that glorious day comes, you can reward yourself with something special from Best Buy to "stifle the pain."

25 Websites Every Chicagoan Should Know About

Like (jk). Stay connected with help from these sites and the experts from your neighborhood Geek Squad.

27 Websites Everyone In Phoenix Should Know About

I-10 <<< Information superhighway. Make sure you're up to speed with the help of your friendly neighborhood Geek Squad.

Here's How To Explain Virtual Reality To Your Parents

You're welcome! The all-new Samsung Galaxy S7 from Best Buy is compatible with Gear VR headsets, so it's finally time to take a step into the future... The scary, scary future.

How Well Do You Remember Multi-Tap Texting?

AKA how many clicks does it take for you to get to your point?

This Is How We Use Phones In 2016: A Post For Future Generations

It's time for phones to evolve. Get the all-new Samsung Galaxy S7, available now at Best Buy, and step into the future.

15 Things That Happen When You Use Your Grandparents' Computer

Because 3D Pinball gets old fast, there's the Windows Store inside Best Buy.

15 Cats And Dogs Who Don't Know How To Use A Computer, Probably

Animals, will they ever learn? And will they ever buy 2 in 1 laptops from Best Buy?

11 Things We Use Our Phones For That We Probably Shouldn't

It's time to evolve. The brand-new Samsung Galaxy S7 is available now at Best Buy. Do some things you should do on the phone of the future.

20 Things We Did On The Computer In 2006 That We'll Never Do Again

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12 Pieces Of Wearable Tech That'll Make You Glad It's The Future

So GLAD. What time is it? Tech time! Best Buy is your BFF when it comes to all things wearable tech.

11 Easy Ways To Work Out While Stuck At Work

Work shouldn't get in the way of calorie burnin' opps. Follow these breezy steps to feel good about your bod by EOD.

Here's How To Actually Enjoy Working Out In The Morning

YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. At Best Buy, you can get incredible wearable tech to help you stay on TOP of your workout goals.

11 Internet Things You'll Love If You're Obsessed With Christmas

Love Christmas much? Wrap yourself in the cozy world of Internet Christmas, and get all the perfect gifts at Best Buy.