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This Is How We Use Phones In 2016: A Post For Future Generations

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To the BuzzFeed readers of the future, let this stand as a record of how people used phone technology in the olden days.

We communicate to each other with written words that we have to type with our thumbs.

And to see who is sending us a message, we actually have to look at the phone.

We still use the term "apps."

Practically nothing is done with virtual reality.

Our phones are still made out of metal. We know, haha.

Water still damages our phones. Water. The thing that's everywhere.

We use our phones to tell what time it is. AS IF TIME STILL EXISTS IN THE FUTURE LOLOLOL!

We can't even vote on our phones! We have to go to an actual building and do that in person.

We use "video chat," and it's never in 4K HD.

We stream movies on our phones and that's about it.

It's a miracle the future was even born. We date on our phones with pictures and text messages. We don't even use video yet!

In conclusion, our phone usage is obviously pretty basic. People of 2016 don't even know about Hibblegrates yet.

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