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10 Pictures You Take On The Last Day Of High School

[Insert Senior Quote Here] Nothing compares to the carefree days of high school, but brand-new tech from Best Buy will help prepare you for what comes next.

1. The snap documenting all the senior pranks going on.

2. The snap with your extracurricular clubmates who just get you.

3. The absolutely necessary #squad snap.

4. The snap where you say goodbye to the cafeteria food (you won't really miss).

5. The snap of the girl who deals with the emotions of graduating by "capturing ALL the memories."

6. The last-chance snap with your secret crush that perfectly captures your inner struggle.

7. The snap with your fave teacher who you're actually gonna miss in college.

8. The snap where your filters are the only way to express the pain of studying for finals.

9. The snap that proves even though you're an alumnus, you'll always be about that school spirit.

10. The snap that sums up four years in a single frame.

It's hard to believe, but high school was only the beginning. Gear up to capture all that college has to offer with everything from laptops to cameras to smartphones at Best Buy.