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13 Easy Tips To Help Your Smartphone Photos Not Suck

Step one: Stop using your front-facing camera for selfies. Step two: Get a phone with a good camera. Best Buy has the best plans, top carriers, and latest phones for everyone including the all-new Samsung Galaxy S®6 Edge+ and Samsung Note®5 — coming soon.

We've all been there before. You see something really cool, and you think, Hey, thing, you look really cool! I'm going to share you with the world, because they care!

Yaaass, you think. Everyone will love this!

Wait... That's not what it's supposed to look like.

If you suffer from poor smartphone photography, these tips will help to get your photos looking how you want.

Soon, you'll be taking amazing photos like this!

1. Sometimes it's OK to follow guidelines.

2. Stop using your camera's zoom.

3. Use the sun for dramatic silhouettes.

4. Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation before applying filters.

5. Create a makeshift tripod.

6. Get your pets to actually look at the camera.

7. Stop taking selfies with the front-facing camera.

8. Improve your selfies by using your headphones as a shutter remote.

9. Play with symmetry when shooting.

10. Avoid using your phone's flash as much as possible.

11. Play with reflections for interesting shots.

12. Get clever with some of your shots using long exposures.

13. And experiment with double-exposure shots for a more artsy look.

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