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11 Apps That Use Your Camera To Do Incredible Things

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1. PhotoMath

Not all of us passed high school math. Now, PhotoMath is here for those of us who didn't. Simply point your camera at a problem and PhotoMath will solve it for you. You can even go further and see the breakdown of steps to reach the solution.

2. Capsule

Want to make a moment last? Capsule: Text The Future is a time machine app that allows you to photograph or video moments that matter and create texts that won't send until a date and time you specify.

3. WhatTheFont

Ever come across a font you loved, with no way to figure out what it is? Never fear, WhatTheFont is here. Snap a photo of said font and the app will identify similar ones for you.

4. Tab

Gone are the days of nightmare group dinners with friends. Tab app lets you take a photo of your bill, then helps you split it so no one has to do the math at the table. Hence, no more ruined relationships.

5. SkinVision

SkinVision allows users to take a photo of their moles and spots, then analyzes them instantly so that you can keep on top of any risks without stress.

6. Rise

Looking to lose weight, eat healthier, or increase your energy? Rise pairs you with a professional nutritionist who will help you achieve your goals. Send them photo messages each day and receive feedback on your meals.

7. Color Identifier

Sight impaired, color-blind, or just plain curious, Color ID is for you. Augmented reality lets you pass your phone over your surroundings and Color ID will tell you exactly what color you're looking at.

8. CamDictionary

CamDictionary is a great translator for those who are on the go. It recognizes 16 languages and allows users to take a photograph of text and select words or phrases to translate into various languages.

9. LifeLock

Take photographs of all your most important cards and store them in LifeLock Wallet, the personal vault. Organized by identity cards, payment cards, and more, LifeLock is a convenient way to keep all your information with you.

10. Vivino

Wine lovers rejoice! Vivino Wine Scanner is simple: Take a shot of a wine label, and it will pull up its name, year, average rating, and average price, as well as user reviews. It also lets you keep track of your favorites by rating and organizing them.

11. EasyMeasure!/id349530105?mt=8!/id349530105?mt=8

Super handy app EasyMeasure uses the height of your camera and its tilt angle to calculate distances, so now you can find out the distance to something across the street or the height of buildings. Take a snapshot to keep for your reference later.

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