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18 Ways We All Passed The Time When We Were Kids

Nothing was more satisfying then pulling off the perfect cat's cradle.

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1. Build a tree fort in the backyard.

Peter Mason / Getty Images

This fort was your hiding place, your secret club, your castle on a hill, your pirate ship, your lunar planet... Through those doors lay the key to a whole-new world of exploration.

2. Recreate favorite movies and books.

Courtesy of Tyler Haruta

You would march proudly through the forest like a woodland creature, slash at the tall grass with swords as if you were in a jungle, and you would jump behind couches like your favorite battle scenes. You were the movie; you ARE the movie.

3. Play hide-and-seek.

Lance Neilson / (CC BY -SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: wactout81

You were the CHAMP at hide-and-seek and are still probably convinced you had the best hiding spot. We know...we know it was in the clothes hamper.

5. Dig holes and make other things in the dirt.

Oddharmonic / (CC BY -SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: oddharmonic

Were you digging to China? Maybe.

Were you building an underground cave? Probably.

Were you too messy for dinner? Most definitely.

7. Play flashlight tag in the dark.

Getty Images / Christopher Robbins

You had mastered the art of moving stealthily...except when bugs crawled across you. That will never be OK.

11. Play dress up with your dolls and friends.

Courtesy of Clark McCaskill

The beauty of it is now you have blackmail over you or your neighbors brother and phenomenal photos to show on his wedding day.

15. Make these fortune-tellers to predict each other's destinies:

Abby Marshall / Getty Images

Surpisingly enough, very few people today are millionaire world travelers with five kids, a mansion on the beach, and a golden retriever. Fortune-teller? More like fortune-tellin' us LIES!

17. Play chef and make concoctions out of random things lying around.

Courtesy of Hannah Chamberlain

Who wants a cool refreshing pine cone, sticks, mud, grass, and leaves smoothie?

18. Put together dances and skits to present to the family.

Courtesy of Jana Pollack

TBH you should have received an award for that one skit about the stuffed animals that came to life and stole candy.

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