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20 Things All Highly Productive People Did Before Smartphones

It was a simpler time filled with flash cards and day planners... But personally, we'd suggest a new Samsung device from Best Buy.

1. You made so many lists of chores and errands that you needed to complete.

2. And crossing something off that list was the most satisfying thing in life.

3. Before you left home, you'd do a mental check in case you needed to write down essential information for the day's activities.

4. Sticky notes were your greatest ally in the battle against forgetfulness.

5. Your life was in order, but your calendar was literally a mess.

6. And every January brought the sacred "transference" of information from last year's calendar to this year's calendar.

7. Before smartphones, "snooze" was both a button and an indulgence you rarely allowed yourself.

8. Day planners were your jam.

9. And you probably filled up one of these babies:

10. You printed out maps from the 'net to make sure you could find unfamiliar destinations.

11. When you met someone, you added their contact info to ye olde Rolodex so you could get in touch.

12. And you definitely cleaned it out every so often to make room for new cards.

13. Before smartphones, you gave new acquaintances hot tips about which last-name entry was actually your last-name entry in the phone book.

14. You definitely had some of these bad boys:

15. And maybe even one of these ancient devices:

16. Your hands displayed the battle scars of your busy schedule.

17. You kept a notepad by the phone to jot down any super-important bits of information.

18. Before smartphones, you would keep an itinerary to make sure everyone kept to the plan on vacation.

19. You'd print your boarding passes at home to save extra time when checking in at the airport.

20. And if you had a question you needed answering, you had to go to this place:

That was then, and this is now. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 offers advanced features to help you do more every day.

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