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20 Classic Gaming Struggles Today's Kids Will Never Understand

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1. Blowing into cartridges several times in a row until the title screen appeared.

2. Getting stuck in a point-and-click adventure game and having no idea how to continue…

3. ...because you were utterly lost without strategy guides and video game magazines.

4. Going to the video rental store, only to find the one game you wanted was already checked out.

5. Manually entering new cheat codes on "game enhancer" cartridges...

6. ...while printing out FAQs and walkthroughs on your home printer...

7. ...or selfies on this thing:

8. Playing on a CRT television that had to warm up for a few seconds.

9. Enduring the most inconvenient methods of copy protection, like code wheels.

10. Not being able to save your progress because you didn't have one of these:

11. Destroying your joystick — and your palm — all to win a single mini-game.

12. Playing with corded controllers that couldn't even reach the couch...

13. ...or using wireless controllers that would cut out if you didn't point them directly at the receiver.

14. Straining your eyes to finish a level on that late-night drive home.

15. Loading a game from a 5.25" floppy disk — or, worse, a cassette recorder that took 20 minutes.

16. Burning through your entire allowance at the arcade.

17. Getting laughed at by an annoying 8-bit hunting dog, and for what — MISSING A FEW DUCKS?

18. Untangling cables, like, pretty much all the time.

19. Swiping cards — literal cards — to play handheld games.

20. And, finally, just...text-based games.

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