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11 Apps That Bring Your Phone And Computer Closer Together

Things are just better when your phone and computer are closer together. Enjoy even more functionality between mobile and desktop with the Samsung Galaxy S®6 Edge+ and the Samsung Note®5. Available at Best Buy.

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1. Problem: You're traveling and forget your baby monitor.

Solution: AirDroid

With AirDroid, you can convert your smartphone into a webcam and remotely live-stream using the device's camera.

Other capabilities: file sharing, desktop notifications, ability to respond to texts and calls on desktop, smartphone mirroring, device management, and phone locator.

2. Problem: Your phone was stolen, and you have a lot of confidential pictures on there.

Solution: Lookout Security & Antivirus

In the case of your smartphone being stolen, Lookout Security & Antivirus locates your phone, uses the foward-facing camera to capture an image of the person holding onto it, and allows you to remotely lock and wipe the phone's memory.

Other capabilities: anti-virus security, contacts backup, and safe web browsing.

3. Problem: You have photos and videos on your phone that you want to instantly share to your friends, family, desktop, and tablet.

Solution: Pushbullet

Pushbullet allows you to instantly share files among all your Android devices.

Other capabilities: desktop notification and link sharing.

4. Problem: You want to stream a movie but have NO Wi-Fi.

Solution: Vysor

Although still in its beta phase, Vysor allows you to remotely control your Android device from your desktop.

Other capabilities: file sharing and desktop notifications.

5. Problem: You JUST received a text, but you can't take your phone out during a meeting.

Solution: MightyText

MightyText allows you to respond to texts directly from your desktop.

Other capabilities: preschedule texts to be sent out at a specific time and date, and desktop notifications.

6. Problem: You want to show off your high score in the game that all your friends play.

Solution: Mobizen

Mobizen allows you to screen-record your game action without rooting. You can also instantly share your game action through live-streaming.

Other capabilities: remote controlling of device, smartphone-mirroring, desktop notifications, and file sharing.

11. Problem: You're running low on storage due to all the birthday pictures you took last night, and you want to upload songs from your desktop.

Solution: Airstream

You can stream music directly to your phone by accessing media that appears on your desktop when you use Airstream.

Other capabilities: file sharing.

Bring your mobile and desktop even closer with the new Samsung Galaxy S®6 Edge+ and the Samsung Note®5. Available at your local Best Buy.