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15 Cats And Dogs Who Don't Know How To Use A Computer, Probably

Animals, will they ever learn? And will they ever buy 2 in 1 laptops from Best Buy?

1. By the looks of it, this cat doesn't seem to understand she can replay the video lol.

2. Or this dog. Why is he watching a video on a 27-inch monitor if he's not gonna play it in fullscreen???

3. You can tell this cat is pretending to type because he's not using the home row position.

4. And anyone else notice how this dog isn't touching the keys? Who is she trying to fool? 😂

5. OK, this pug should definitely NOT be on the internet if he's googling "Google."

6. Nice try, but this is obviously a human in a dog mask, so it doesn't count.

7. And this PC isn't even plugged in lol.

8. This is also most likely staged. Where are the keyboards? The mice?

9. Speaking of mice, this cat probably doesn't know the difference between a computer mouse and a mouse that's an animal. B-)

10. Look at this dog hunting and pecking. Can probably only type 12 words a minute at best.

11. Haha, this cat still believes optical discs are the future of longterm data storage lmao.

12. Almost 100% positive that this husky uses File > Save instead of the faster keyboard shortcut.

13. Silly cat, you're not supposed to double-click on links haha.

14. Sorry, but this kitten is gonna be hacked if that's his real password. Bet he doesn't even use two-factor authentication smh.

15. Does this cat honestly not know that XP isn't touch-enabled LOL.

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