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11 Signs You Should Get One Of Them “PCs" Everyone’s Talking About

Newfangled AF.

1. Your abacus broke:

2. Your matchmaker is totally creeping you out:

3. Your fax machine is always on the fritz:

4. Your friends won't return your telegrams:

5. Your typewriter has limited fonts:

6. Your map is covered in coffee stains:

7. Your carrier pigeon has zero sense of direction:

8. Your aluminum cans have gotten rusty:

9. Your encyclopedias don't match your minimalist aesthetic:

10. Your card decks all seem to be incomplete:

11. And your Rolodex caught fire when you were trying to read it with a candle:

We think you might be ready to take this step. For a PC with all functions you're after, Best Buy is there for you.