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  • The Best Of Long Island Festivals

    I had the greatest time at the best of Long Island festivals fare in white post farm. There was so much to do and see that you couldn’t possibly do it all in one day. This year was incredible, I danced on stage and watched a Flying Dog Show. I cheered team 1 of the little piggies that raced around the track, and boy they were fast. I watched a funny magician do all sorts magic tricks it was so cool. We went on a sing along hayride and jumped on bouncers, my favorite was the long train. I painted my very own pumpkin that i hand-picked from the pumpkin field. I almost forgot to mention the petting zoo, so much to do. I have to go back there again and again. Believe it or not, there is just so much to see and so much to do, one day is not enough. Don’t miss out on the best long island festivals this year and come enjoy the fun. So if you are looking for an amazing Festival in Long Island first check out this cool video below to see the place and then just go there, you’ll have a great day. for more details and coupons welcome to white post farms`

  • Looking For Pumpkin Picking In Long Island

    Well look no more, I have found the perfect pumpkin picking farm in long island . Located in the heart of Long island you will find so much activities and fun. This is truly such an amazing place that offers this great festival right in the middle of the pumpkin picking farm in Long Island . They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well a video is worth a million. Check out this video below to see all the action and you can make the decision yourself

  • Long Island Fall Festival - Enjoy White Post Farms Farm Festival In Long Island

    When you are in Nyc Urban area you have to make sure that you recognize how to enjoy yourself and appreciate on your own without investing excessive money. Since of prices you can spending plan your money while on holiday, as an alternative of deciding not to go on holiday. If you are visiting go to Nyc City in the fall you will certainly have the ability to participate in lots of activities that are inexpensive. There is a whole lot to see in the urban area that will enable you to stay within your spending plan. The plants in main park in the autumn is lovely. The bulk of the plants in the park lose their eco-friendly and the plants transform to red, orange and yellow throughout the whole park during the autumnal equinox months. You can walk or a run around a 1.58 mile keep track of that borders the Central Park Reservoir. Having a picnic in the park throughout these months is likewise really stunning and you can stop to get your picnic food and products from Eli’s Vinegar Manufacturing plant. If you are in the park during the first week of November you will certainly desire to quit for your picnic in the Ramble.. It is during this month that the ginkgo trees seem to drop every one of their fallen leaves in an extremely short amount of time. When you are in the park ultimately of Oct you intend to see to it that you rest in the open meadow that is found listed below the Belvedere Castle. The black tupelo plants permit their red fallen leaves drop during this time. If you are going to hang around in the park in the autumn you wish to see to it you are prepped for the weather condition. Search for the weather before you leave your hotels and resort room to ensure that you are going to have the ability to remain neat or cozy. If you want to enjoy the perfect weather in a perfect place visit the Long Island Fall Festival, you are sure to have a blast Often, the weather in the autumn can be sporadic. You might have a couple of days where you can feel the lasting effect of summer season and you might have a few where you can really feel the start of winter season coming. Throughout the fall there are several separate bistros in the area that begin to offer the urban area’s favorite home cooking. The hearty meals that Burger and Barrel provides is well-liked as people are looking for some meals that will certainly stick to the bones. This club has hearty hamburgers and meatballs and even a broad range of whiskeys. When you are looking for meals that are visiting keep you satisfied throughout the day you have to make the effort to find them out. Planning your getaway around the Macy’s day march might be a wonderful alternative. There are a great deal of individuals that come to the city simply so that they could see the balloon and the parade inflation happen prior to the march. The march performs Thanksgiving Eve and volunteers from Macy’s and New Jacket’s Stevens Principle of Technology inflate these impressive balloons. The balloons are developed a Stevens Principle of Innovation. The balloon procession leads through 77th and 81st streets beginning in the late afternoon. There are many separate methods that you could view the march, however if you can score a seat above the events you will have the very best seats in your house. Visit the Long Island Fall Festival

  • Pumpkin Picking Long Island

    Each year White Post Farms works hard to produce its annual Fall Farm Festival. This event is extraordinary in its uniqueness, quality, and value. The price of admission to the Festival offers families a once- a-year experience to have fun together on a beautiful farm in the middle of otherwise suburban Long Island. There is no better family entertainment value than this. The Festival is a tradition with hundreds of families in the New York Area. If it has not yet become a tradition in your family, then this is the year to begin. How can you be sure that the Festival is as good as we claim it to be? Just stand at the gates at the end of a Festival day, and see the hundreds of happy faces glad to have spent the day together with their family and friends at White Post Farms. Check out this great Pumpkin picking long island farm Watch the video below to see the best farm for Pumpkin picking in Long Island you ever saw

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