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    7 Stair Designs Brighten Up The Overall Space

    Stairs can also be the heart of the room instead of the adornments of room. Say goodbye to the mediocre stairs and embrace the incomparable stair designs.

    The design of the stairs not only affects the beauty of the house but also the structure of it. Of course, reasonability should also be taken consideration. Maybe the stairs are the most significant element of the space design. As excellent designers, there is no reason why we cannot do this. How to make the stairs design both practical and beautiful? That's what we will discuss today.

    Hanging Stairs

    Hanging stairs look quite light and thin, taking up little space. On the contrary, it makes the stairs being the awesome space decoration with strong sense of line.

    Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop transformed the stairs into a graceful work, ensuring enough light and smooth ventilation.

    This hanging stair is as beautiful as something fell from the heaven, making the old house of 19 century sacred and appealing. Ingeniously it saves the space a lot and divides the living room and dining space.

    To maximize the use of stair space

    Stairs space can be the relaxing reading area, storage space or play space of the kids for a little more clever details and creative ideas. All these will not only save space greatly but also be the highlight of the stair space.

    Deriba Furniture designed this horizontal push-pull cabinet which reserved the overall style and classify objects for storage. It deserved you to have a try.

    Stairs and the side walls are not just for strut. If we use them for storage like this, they will become the interesting groups.

    When you need an extra storage space, you'd better choose the under stairs space. It's a good space for various things especially for books. Besides books, they are also used variously.

    Why we limit our thoughts? To maximize the use of stair space, besides practical use, it also can be the fairyland of kids.

    Wooden stairs full with vitality

    In general, wooden stairs feel not as graceful and fashionable as others; they are even traditional and dull. But these are absolutely exceptions.

    This stair made by the wood is so pretty, perfectly matches with the space with spiral shape. To some degree, unusual stairs are traditional and plain.

    Looking from the top, it seems a blooming flower.

    It's another example of graceful and pretty spiral stairs. It's also made by the wood, the petals stairs surrounding with the metal pole, only taking a small corner of the room.

    Stairs of the fore

    There are many ways to make stairs attractive such as geometry, dissymmetry, visual shock and even featured lighting.

    The stairs with spine shape designed by Philip Watts are more profound sculpture works. It's not ordinary conspicuous in the room.

    Stairs with a sense of sculpture are parts of a private apartment designed by Alex Haw in Atmos Studio. The stairs ate twisting in the center of the living space, integrating the flow form and anchor line organically.

    Mixing elements stairs

    In the modern design of the stairs, different combination of the materials can create the amazing visual effect, especially the combination of the new and old elements.

    Accommodation stairway

    The accommodation stairway is the common choice of the modern and contemporary design. This is the coup to keep concise. Do not ignore the function of stairs in the open area.

    Pattern stairs

    Spectacular stairs always are unique designed. Pattern and hallow design looks so charming whereas it's very humanity.

    How do you think these stair design? Give a like or share if you are attracted by it.